Delights of Violets

At my boyfriends house stuffing our faces and having small intimate conversations of our memories in this house. I'm surprised it hasn't hit him yet on having to move on such a short notice because it sure hit me hard. There's so much to do in a short amount of time but I have faith that things will get done. Definitely trying to stay really focused to aim for our goals


Cool Breeze.

 I love dark chocolate and a happy ending :) But what I love even more is a smart man not a smart ass. It was quite breezy today. Felt refreshing but I'm going to miss summer real soon. Seems like tea and sweets are in the near future. So I definitely been trying really hard to eat healthier and exercise more. Need to start this yoga class  I been holding off.


Cat Eyes


i pod Cyclops Cover
Was going nuts looking for a mean pair of cat eyes. Stumbled upon these bad boys at UO bought all 3 but since I'm in a giving mood I'll probably give one to my twin. Also bought an ipod gum stand its so cute and simple and had to buy another pair of round sunglasses because I lend it to someone and it was of course  returned back destroyed *sigh


Who tells their girlfriend who ALREADY has long hair to put tracks in them so that he can pull on it? What guy tells their girl "I Love You" when they were kissing a random bitch on the weekend? Assholes that's who. It sickens me to see these things and I been seeing it done more often then I'd like to & the sad part is I don't tell them b/c I wont involve myself in their relationship. Its a smack to the face to the girl who only wants to love and be loved in return. Guys wont learn till something smacks them, shakes them just to wake them.


All these times

I've taken a lot for granted. Just you doing everything for me because you lived so close. Now soon you'll be elsewhere. Farther. Its going to suck. No more unannounced pop ins, simple company, late night rendezvous. Finito. My Life just got a little more complicated.


Rest well Andy Whitfield

crystal blue eyes and bright smile
I was so sad to hear that Andy Whitfield aka Spartacus  has passed away. He lost the battle my aunt survived from , Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I was obsessed with the show that I didn't think any one else could play him. They did replace him and the new season will begin in 2012. It will definitely action packed. But I wished he was the one and only actor who could play Spartacus. :(


Lost and found?

More like Lost and forgotten :( Spent the weekend with mi abuela (grandmother) Happened to spot a Labrador mix roaming the streets digging in garbage and on TOP of that dragging his broken leg because he had a cast on which was getting really dirty. My twin and I went outside to see who he belonged to since he had a collar on. Turns out he's the same dog abuela was telling us about the day before who fell out the 2nd floor window.
(He hears Casio on the other side of the door)
He was following us everywhere. We went to his house and no one answered. Not even his neighbors. I couldn't open the gate to their backyard, seemed welded shut. My twin even called the number and left a message, NO answer & NO call back. It was a Sunday, all shelters were closed. FINALLY a few houses down a man said he would watch him til someone gets home. I pray for a happy ending because it started to get suspicious. And coincidentally one of his tags showed that he came from the same shelter our dog came from in Brooklyn. I really hope this wasn't a case of abandonment. He's so sweet and he could've been hit by a car. He deserves the BEST!
A sweet little cat who decided to join the party. A stray who wanted nothing more then to be pet and loved. She really followed me to the door and waited for me to come back. It breaks my heart to see them struggle on a daily because people don't want them. Wish I could take them home with me but I already have 2cats & 1dog.


I wish nothing but the best for you too

If a girl understands your bullshit, sticks through your mistakes and smiles even when you've done nothing for her its obvious she's a keeper but its also obvious you don't deserve her.

"Those who know you will see your heart and soul because people are savvy and know if you truly love them"

hello, Good- bye

Its crazy that when I think of certain people I either end up seeing them or they hit me up...so creepy. But it also sucks that the one person you want to see or speak to doesn't want to do either or. I don't know how long it's going to take for me to learn. But I'm learning.................the hard way.