Todays New Year's Eve & I have NO New Year Resolution for ONE reason, they don't work. Unless you're a dedicated person & look at it as a religion to make a promise to yourself it's not happening. I'm a goal oriented person but I don't need the yearly traditon to remind myself what they are. I rather go with the flow in what life takes me & change the necessities that needs changing.

There are many things to look forward for that I can't wait: January marks a year since I've been blogging :) & the months after are filled with many events & I'll be 21!!! I can't wait! I also want to go back to DC for a weekend. (Did I ever mention it's only a 30 minute flight & the shortest flight I ever been on?) I also want to visit California. Someday.

Everyone is very typical & cliché when it comes to their resolution. They're all the S A M E! You want to change yourselves, want new friends, want to get rid of "fake" friends blah blah HORSESHIT. Do yourself a favor & just be yourself. If you want to leave anything, leave the bullshit in 2010. STAY positive, create positivity, avoid instigations & most of all FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Happy New Years everyone. Enjoy it! Don't drink & wear heels. xoxo


IGLOO I see you...No where.

There' been soo much chaos & mayhem in the streets!

Over snow.

Can you believe MY job didn't want me to take the day off? How the hell do they expect me to get to work if there were NO buses & cabs running? My dad refused to take me. I actually wanted to go to work but he kept yelling at me to take off :) The dedication I have. Sort of.

This Snow was NO joke I actually hated it.

When the weather calmed down  I took Casio for his mini walks.
It's way too cold for him to be out for long.

I'd say they're getting along fairly. Everything takes some time.

I opened the fridge to grab a drink & Lucky jumps in there so
I closed him in & ran for my camera. Once I opened it again I
saw he took mom's peice of Turkey.

My kitty looking at who else? Casio (not pictured)
Quick flick meanwhile my twin & I
got ready for work. What JOY! -_-

I been really busy taking care of this puppy & little time for myself anymore but  I wouldn't trade him for the world he just constantly wants attention. I just bunched up what would have been separate posts into ONE. New year coming soon ,so many posts to come!


Hoppy Holly DAze

Hope everyone's enjoying their Holidays as much as I am. I got my new camera, Nikon Coolpix S3000 & I absolutely love it! As for our new pup here he is! He is a Miniature Pinscher, 1 years old & his new name is Casio. I named him :] He's already spoiled rotten!

As for my camera it takes amazing photos. This is a picture of a waterfall, a gift I gave to my grandmother.

Isn't it just pretty? I didn't want Christmas to end! Been having a wonderful time with my family & l'boyfriend.

Enjoy everyone xoxo



After many months of searching I'm happy to say that we welcome a new edition to the family! A 1 year old pup. My sister finally adopted a dog after visiting so many shelters. She hasn't named him yet but with creative minds he won't be nameless for long. We are really big on animal rescue. We never bought an animal. Our cats came from the streets & this dog came from a shelter.

Every year thousands of pets are brought back, abandoned to fend for themselves, kicked out, tortured, killed or left for DEAD. We need to stop this pandemic. I'd like to believe everyone has a heart but unfortunately that's not the case. We need to take action to help those without a voice. Me & my sister help as much as we can. We donate to shelters. Sign petitions to be heard & would rally if we had to. I will never be able to understand the cruelty animals have to endure or the death sentence they have to face for being unwanted. You can start by spaying/neutering your pets it helps prevents the stress of finding a home for newborns. You don't know how many articles I read where someone throws away a bag full of kittens/puppies or recently where a teenager drowned her unwanted puppies in a lake OR a woman stomping on a helpless kitten. Things like this breaks my heart. We need to prevent this. Micro-chipping a pet is helpful in case your pet gets lost. Thousands of pets are lost each year & they end up dead or put down if they're considered "un-adoptable". Being educated before adopting helps prevents any troubles in the future.

I can't stress it enough. Don't go to a dog store to make a purchase. It's best you adopt through a shelter for many reasons. You need to know where they are coming from. MOST if not all dogs from a dog store are coming from Puppy mills. A puppy mill is a breeding ground in which dogs are kept in unsanitary conditions forced to birth thousands of pups. When they are considered old & useless they are either shot dead or euthanize. But since there's a cost to put down an animal they are more likely shot dead. They are kept outside in the freezing cold or scorching heat. They are also cramped into cages where there isn't space to move around. They aren't being taken care of. I've seen countless documentaries where people go undercover & see the unspeakable conditions dogs are living in. It was raining. They were wet, muddy & cold. Their hairs were matted & long. I can't believe its legal in the U.S. They need to stop these breeding grounds.

How you can HELP:
You can donate money, food, supplies to any shelter. Your local Humane Society always need help. Volunteer! There's never enough volunteers to help around in the facility or to foster animals until they can find a home.

Yes a lot of the time the animals in shelters are adults instead of babies but they make better companions because they are most likely house broken and/or trained. They are neutered/spayed, received their shots. But don't lose hope if you really want a puppy they do have them! My sister got a 1 year old pup.
AND ALSO, ANIMALS DON'T MAKE A GOOD HOLIDAY GIFT. This is the time of the year where most animals are purchased or adopted then brought back because they couldn't care for it or weren't prepared for the responsibilities. Like I said you need to be educated. You need to make sure you'll be able to care for them. Some breeds have genetic illnesses that will eventually have to be cared for. People don't understand that. They think they're cute and everything will be ok but that's not how it'll turn out if you don't know their history. Know what kind of dog you want: Breed/mixed, young/adult, small/medium/big then begin your search. I personally want a BIG dog a Rottweiler to be exact :) Can't wait, one day.

I'm proud of my sister for adopting. She could never purchase a $1000 dog from a store knowing its mother is trapped in a cage. And I refuse to post a picture up here to show you the conditions I'm talking about. Have a heart. Don't shop, adopt & if your bold like us take in a stray as long as you're prepared to pay  vets bills :)

xo Happy Holidays! You can find my sister here http://twinn-love.blogspot.com/

"Patience is the Key"

I can't wait for tomorrow because my ordered goodies are coming in just in time for the Holidays. Thank Goodness! & most importantly  I can't wait for Christmas because  I want to use my new camera already! I don't know what it is but my dad told me he'll buy me one & I'm in need of a new one. I'm going through withdrawals without one as crazy as it sounds. I LOVE capturing every moment.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Best of BOTH Worlds.

Yesterday I was ordering a sammich at Subways & I somehow always get the SAME guy to prep my food so we started to small talk.

Him: "What are you?"
Me: "Peruvian & Chilean"
Him: *Surprised* "Oh I have Peruvian friends they're so nice. I have only one Chilean friend and she has an attitude."
Me: *chuckles* That's funny, I don't have an attitude. *Thinks to myself, attitude isn't inbred it IS learned*
Him:"Well maybe I'll give you my number next time"

I grab my lunch & walk away. Guys are becoming more bold these days huh?

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My mom's Peruvian & she gave me this cute jewelry box years ago.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My grandfather gave me the watch I have yet to change its battery it's been on that time for the longest. My grandmother gave me the tiny bottle with a penny in there. How did the penny get in there? It was always a mystery to us. My grandparents who gave me this are Chilean. 

Appreciate what you have it could be worse.

When I was a kid I use to hate the color of my eyes. I felt like an outcast even though I wasn't alone because my twin had them too. But everyone else had huge dark brown eyes or crystal blue sparklers :) As years gone by I eventually began to like them & now I just love them. They're really unique. Too bad colored eyes lose sight more quicker than brown eyed folks'.

I use to hate my height. I hated being so small. I didn't realize how tiny I was till I was leaving class one time & as I was walking up a small hill to the train station, I noticed a very tall, skinny woman coming my way. She was probably thinking what  I was thinking. A small girl walking up a hill practically taking bigger steps then I should have &  tall lady walking down casually. It looked awkward. Then there was a time I stood infront of fence which would have been at the height of an "average" person's waistline & it was the same height as me.

But now I just love being small & being able to wear monstrous shoes & not make me look ridiculously tall because I would be up to your level, aha. I love that I can climb onto my bf's lap & hold him or give him a hug & stuff my face into his chest. I can get away with wearing mini dresses because I don't have super long legs even though  I wished I did. I'm happy I stand tall at 5'0


Just in case you didn't know...

We are all here to shape the world. To create our own future. Our own rules. To impact others & share the wealth of love, positivity, bliss. Even though we're not suppose to regret anything, admitting regret is acknowledging a mistake and hopefully a lesson learned. After all we are only human.

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Electrifying Spark.

There was no time for us to get to know one another. We kind of rushed it. Saw each other talked a little looked for a CD he wanted in a store that's no longer there. I remember just looking. Staring like a creep. There was something about him. Baby-faced, short & dark. Thought he was my age. Rushing into it I later found out he's four years older & his birthday was in a couple of weeks. I was sixteen. A cold November day. He saw me hugging myself, opened his jacket with open arms inviting me in for an embrace. I didn't know his past, what he was going to do in life or how we would end. I'm kind of glad. That didn't matter, it was like taking your first breath -new.

We didn't know if we'd be compatible or have any similarities or interests. We just jumped into it because we had our whole relationship to get to know each other.

I still don't know his favorite color. I definitely asked him on numerous occasions & I believe he said "blue" but I would've guessed red or green since he's always wearing those colors. But it doesn't matter to me. None of the typical shit a "Normal" relationship ( is there such thing as "Normal"?) starts off as like knowing the little things like favorite colors & music matter to me. We have our whole lives to get to know each other. What matters is that we still have that spark. As long as the "fire is still burning" then there are no worries.

We play video games together. He plays music for me. I'll read to him. Enjoy each others company. We don't go out the way to buy stuff or walk a thousand miles to prove our love. Because if you do stuff like that then all your partner will ever want is THAT. And when you stop doing that they'll question you, "Why have you stopped.......?" He does his own thing & I do me but we still have each other no matter what. Don't get me wrong I want to burn the bridge so it can just be me & him. No one else. No interruptions. No problems. But he's a social butterfly while I'm more reserved & I'm ok with that...sometimes...

If I ever think our fire is burning out I'll start to think what can we do to keep the electric spark from dying out? And he'll never say that its dying out he'll say "everything's fine, we're great together." "You think too much, stop thinking." He's right I DO think a lot. But I will never ever stop thinking. My mind is polluted with every emotion. Every thought. A feeling. It's who I AM.

I have to admit, I think our relationship is pretty RARE. For two people who met by a brief introduction then jumping into a relationship & lasting this long...is pretty rare. This doesn't happen. THIS means a lot to me. THIS is what matters.

One day I will wake up looking like Rosetta Stone.

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Mystical Forest

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Walk like there's no end in sight. Find a path because there are many roads to walk on. Leave a trail. Runaway. Find a way to get away.
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Untamed. Untouched. Cloudy hair. Bed hair, sex hair. The essence of being pure is still within.
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Rain shower. Dance. Twirl like the wind. Let the world shake. Let them feel your presence.
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 In this mystic forest leave your imprint. Listen to yourself. Think out loud. Create your own destiny. Be wise. 


Linkin Park

I've been listening to them since Chester had bleach blonde hair & Mike had pink hair. Believe it or not my dad put me on to them as well as many other countless bands when I was really young. They're song "One Step Closer" was the song that had me screaming shut up with out getting into trouble :)

I could really keep going & put endless amounts of videos from them. I loved all their songs.
xoxox Hybrid Theory

An Animal.

Happy my order of clothes FINALLY arrived! Also happy they fit purrfectly. Been buying so much ish I probably don't need but its hard not too. I drive my boyfriend crazy sometimes with my antics & questions. Should I or shouldn't I?... going back in the store, contemplating, then deciding NO I don't need it to coming back 20 mins or less to buy it.
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Really tired of tight clothing. HAD to buy something really loose fitting. So far loving my boyfriend jeans a whole lot. :) I rather wear dresses but it's obviously too cold for that. FUCK YOU cold weather!

La La Loaded...POW!

I'm excited I bought my Keith Richards memoir Life yesterday & its already getting crazy.
He's most definitely a heavy junkie fucking black women in the South. I also read in the paper that he killed a very sensitive plant an Orchid while he was in New York to talk about his book at the New York Public Library. :( Like a true rockstar he used the plant's pot to put out his cig & signed it.

& since I'm such a bookworm  I of course didn't pay full price. You should always become a member & definitely get a copy.


The Police

They were totally short lived but they were definitely something new. It's like a mixture of reggae, pop & rock. I bought a book a couple months back by Lynn Goldsmith who traveled with them & captured such amazing photos.

John Lennon

It's been a long time but we haven't forgotten.

October 9, 1940 - December 8, 1980

"A very powerful and daring song. The first time I heard it, when he sang, 'I don't believe in Beatles,' I choked up. And so did many other people, for other reasons. It's very revolutionary, even more than the song "Revolution." It was breaking all the cobwebs and saying, "Here I am." -Yoko One


Humble muffins

I'm getting the winter blues & it's not even Winter yet. But it started snowing..sort of. I just want to wear my shoes without the worries of slipping & sliding on icy sidewalks. Guess I'll have to enjoy these teas & muffins a little longer. Trying to stay positive.


 "You said you loved me you're a liar Cause you never, ever, ever did baby..."


My letter to you.

They say opposites attract ...
I can't believe its that time of the year again. Our anniversary. Time is sure flying.

I remember.... 
the day we met.
where we shared our first kiss.
our first picture together.
when MY world turned their backs on me or when times were unbearable you were there to pick me up off the ground,dust me off  & make me brand new again.
the day you told me you lost your dad I'll never forget it. The hurt, the pain, the tears.
us walking across the bridge, God I will never do that again :)
taking strolls downtown.
cooking up a 5-course meal just for the two of us.
Lollipops & Roses.
our conversations.

Memories I will never forget, memories we will forever share & all the little things in between.

 I hate that I'm so hormonal & have these outrageous mood swings because  I take it out on you, its not fair & I know it. I seriously need to grow a pair. But you NEVER judged me just called me crazy sometimes & absolutely never told me you didn't want to be with me. I took a lot of shit for granted.  Took advantage of situations. Even made a complete fool of myself at times but no one knows you or me. They don't know our struggles or secrets. They only know what they see.WE ARE DECEIVING.

You always fought for our love when I gave up. Would kill if someone got in the way & would really give me the world if you could.

I love that you're simple. I love that you're down for anything and everything. I love that we can stare at paintings  & talk about its meanings. I love that we can listen to all types of music & I mean every single genre known. In the end we are two completely different people with different goals in life with different views of the world & have this connection that's indescribable. Something I will probably never feel with another person even if it didn't work out. I'm glad we never were cliché like having a dinner & a movie or late night phone calls. You know me inside & out. We're connected & only you know how. No one said this would be easy but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

It's four years & I think its time to take the next big step.

 Love always, 
 Your lil' lady.


"You can't really compare now & then."

I'm in a electric phase right now. I'm into all types of bands from heavy metal to pop. Since I'm such a bookworm I've also been reading so many articles of bands making a comeback. I think its great being that present artists are sampling from old bands anyways. Here's an oldie - but still a goodie, well to me any who. 

Devo - Whip It

Just call me "Honey"

It's a real shitty day today. Pouring with no end in sight. Monsoons.
Watched old movies & listen to classic music at work.
We watched The Jolson Story. Al Jolson is so inspirational. He never stopped working hard until he felt he met his goal & even then kept going. He would never rest, as much as everyone around him even business partners wanted him to he was just so optimistic about where music was going he didn't feel like he needed to. He was theatrical & a comedian. He was filled with so many talents I was amazed. Just an inspirational story.

Al Jolson - Mammy

This is such a good song. It's also a clip from the movie we watched.
I thank my dear friend for sharing the same taste as me.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream"