Todays New Year's Eve & I have NO New Year Resolution for ONE reason, they don't work. Unless you're a dedicated person & look at it as a religion to make a promise to yourself it's not happening. I'm a goal oriented person but I don't need the yearly traditon to remind myself what they are. I rather go with the flow in what life takes me & change the necessities that needs changing.

There are many things to look forward for that I can't wait: January marks a year since I've been blogging :) & the months after are filled with many events & I'll be 21!!! I can't wait! I also want to go back to DC for a weekend. (Did I ever mention it's only a 30 minute flight & the shortest flight I ever been on?) I also want to visit California. Someday.

Everyone is very typical & cliché when it comes to their resolution. They're all the S A M E! You want to change yourselves, want new friends, want to get rid of "fake" friends blah blah HORSESHIT. Do yourself a favor & just be yourself. If you want to leave anything, leave the bullshit in 2010. STAY positive, create positivity, avoid instigations & most of all FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS.

Happy New Years everyone. Enjoy it! Don't drink & wear heels. xoxo

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