Just call me "Honey"

It's a real shitty day today. Pouring with no end in sight. Monsoons.
Watched old movies & listen to classic music at work.
We watched The Jolson Story. Al Jolson is so inspirational. He never stopped working hard until he felt he met his goal & even then kept going. He would never rest, as much as everyone around him even business partners wanted him to he was just so optimistic about where music was going he didn't feel like he needed to. He was theatrical & a comedian. He was filled with so many talents I was amazed. Just an inspirational story.

Al Jolson - Mammy

This is such a good song. It's also a clip from the movie we watched.
I thank my dear friend for sharing the same taste as me.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream"

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