These posts are for those into Art as you can see I went to a different Art gallery where the artists do their work there in their own offices. Very unique.
Enjoyed a dinner and yummy milkshake for Our Last Supper. It started pouring like crazy and our table was outdoors as always at our favorite Cubano spot. It was a tropical Storm we had to run back to our Hotel.
And last but not least (trust me there's a thousand more pictures we took that I won't bother to post) Me in my outfit to the airport, Oh how I dreaded coming back home I didn't want to leave. :(

AND NOW BACK TO REALITY: I had a wonderful weekend with the family & today June 28, 2011 my babeh sis graduates High School with Honors and unfortunately I won't be attending because of work. But I'm there for the celebrations! I'm so proud of her!
That's her on the left with my twin. This is a picture from her Prom which was also her birthday!
Tomorrow is mommy's birthday I'll save that for another post! Told you June is such a busy month for me. Wouldn't trade it for the world !! Have a wonderful day!

Final Day Part 2

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We left Saturday morning  :( I didn't want to leave. I love the HEAT, the calmness, the sweet people and most of all their patience. Drivers there are way more patient then the ones back home. We rode bikes and when we were in their way they never once honked their horn or rushed us. (Thank goodness) Its definitely a place I'd love to move to. Really considering it. And for our Final day there this is what went down:
The Calm before the Storm. Yeah it actually Stormed on Our last day. The skies were clear towards the water but dark by our Hotel. Clear waters , white sand, I think I'm in Dreamland.
I'm a Seafood FREAK!
Pretty waterfall.


MIA Day 4

This had to be our favorite restaurant. Its a Cuban restaurant on Espanola Way. It looks like Little Italy in NY but a Spanish version. We also ate here on our last day in Miami.
 Oceans Dr.
 I love his sleeve!
Calvin Klein Models
The guy on the Left is just so fuckin sexy! & the guy on the right was having his picture taken while flipping around :)
Cute Lego watches.
Her and I in the sweltering heat that I love Oh so MUCH!
Done a lot of shopping during my stay in Miami. I knew I wanted an American Flag tee or shorts and/or a tee of  a naked broad and I found 2 in 1! How exciting, well to me anyways. One shirt with a whole lot of meaning.



 My Jesus pose :) I CAN Float!
 Yay to us we got our boating License :)

I know what it looks like lol It looks like I'm not paying attention to Him & He (our guide Chris) was actually telling me to focus on him and  I was! Its just so hard because his jet ski goes up to 110 mph and he's going full throttle. Mine only goes up to 60mph and mind you the waves! Forget it, I thought I was gonna go flying off several times.
P.S. I think he's my Soul mate! He's going to Las Vegas by himself to go see his favorite band 30 Seconds to Mars! That's my favorite band too! Wish I could do the same but its definitely SOLD OUT. :( 

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my mojito
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