"She has both hands in her pocket."

his & hers.
Can you guess who's who?

I had a lovely weekend. Which consisted of shopping drinking so much Jamba Juice & strolling the streets of NY and also looking for a new tattoo artist so that HE can be a walking canvas & I can be like Rosetta Stone. Well sort of. :)


You make me wanna say O! O! O! :)

My Birthday was really relaxed & was spent with the family & bf's. Oh, how the years made us look a lot different from one another. My liddle sis looks like she ate something sour. I had a great weekend but playtimes over.


Happy Birthday to US!

Happy Birthday. Feliz CumpleaƱos.
Joyeux Anniversaire. Buon Compleanno. Nanu Nanu.

Today I turn 20. No more teenage years :) 
& it's also fathers day.
So without him WE wouldn't be roaming this 
earth terrorizing the streets. [j/k ] 
so Happy father's day
Time to enjoy the day
Here's my other half's blog http://twinn-love.blogspot.com/


Sunny days

One more day till my Birthday! Today  I took plenty of photos of flowers & someone took pictures of me :)

It looks like I live in the country but  I really don't. It actually took me a while to get a clear shot of the field across the street without any cars in the photo.



You have no idea how good it feels to have so much dead weight lifted from me. Sometimes you have to do whats best for yourself & be a little selfish.

Q: How long does it take for a person to finally stand up on their two feet & call the shots?

A: Not long.

You can't force love. Love doesn't hurt. I don't believe in Tough love. Eventually you'll become miserable.

Everyone hides behind a smile.
Relationships aren't for everyone.

"Falling out of love is hard
Falling for betrayal is worst
Broken trust and broken hearts
I know, I know

Thinking all you need is there
Building faith on love in words
Empty promises will wear
I know, I know

And now when all is gone
There is nothing to say
And if you're done with embarrassing me
On your own you can go ahead tell them

Tell them all I know now"



After so many grueling hours of boredom, eating nothing but pizza, reading THICK packets & getting paper cuts from them my girls & I have all been cleared and certified home care workers! woo woo to us :)

Now gimme a case & lets get to work! 

Birthday in 3 more days & I don't really have any plans *sighs* it's cool I guess I'll only be 20.

Have a lovely day.


Amuse me.

 This survey was taken from http://lovenovelty.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html a must read!

10 Things you desire 
1. A Real Gentleman.
2. A college degree

3. A Miracle.
4. live in the city.
6. Meet my idol Lorena Bobbit
7.have beautiful children
8. being successful after a degree

9. saving the world.
10. a fairy tale ending.

9.Musicians/bands you love:
1.The Fray
2.Lady Antebellum
3.Lady gaga

4.The Foo Fighters
5.Robin Thicke
6. Metallica

7.Black Eyed Peas
8.Cold Play
9.The Veronicas

8 Places you want to go:
1.Egypt to see the pyramids
2. India to experience culture shock
3. The Amazon to live completed isolated from civilization.

4.Dubai as a hot spot
5.Morocco for the fashion

6.Paris for love
7.Japan to see the future
8. Spain, to live after my retirement

7 Things you enjoy: 
1.Jamba Juice!!
2.all types of delicious foods.
3. Art
4.Shopping's cool

5.Traveling to different countries
6. Reading
7. listening to music.

6 Things that will always win your heart:
 1.Be simple, it truly is the simple things.
2.if it comes from your heart
3.making a spontaneous move.
4.a man who can cook food.
5.buying me a masterpiece from one of my favorite artist of all times!

5 Favourites: 
1.Movie: The Notebook, it gets me every time.
I like any song that has a beautiful meaning to it
3.Book: There's Plenty of faves
4.Band: The Fray
5.Colour: Black & Purple

4 Smells you enjoy:
 1. flowers
2. Shea Butter Creme
3. Nina Ricci "Nina"

4. Ralph Lauren scents

3 Things you do Everyday: 
1.wake up
2. Day Dream
3.go to sleep. :)

2 Animals you love:

1 Person you’d marry on the spot:
A man who proved to me that not all men are the same. Until then No One. 

Tragic just Tragic.

I've been through hell & back.
I've been through the UPs & DOWNs.
I've been through so much that I even thought I had a mid-life crisis.

I've been tore up.
Stepped on.

I'm currently so miserable.

5 more days until OUR birthday.
Something to look forward for but nothing I'm excited for.
Maybe it hasn't kicked in yet.



Blog life, one of the reasons i love life. :)

Yesterday there was an event for 3 Bloggers who designed bags for COACH! It was really exciting. The bags were of course limited edition & I was upset I couldn't get my hands on one :( But I did get to meet them! But I was mainly there for Karla! Shes was absolutely stunning & so nice. Check her out here: http://karlascloset.blogspot.com/

Top Photo: in Center- Blogger
Second : Another Blogger (blonde)
& us with Karla :)
Sorry I don't have the other bloggers sites because I don't follow them even though I probably should be.
 have a lovely week.

You can't really see it in the pics but this is a lego heart & I have it on my vest. I was ready to yell at my boyfriend because I didn't want any poked holes in the shirt but  turns out it was a magnet :] Something new for you guys. F.Y.I they were originally pins.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my liddle sis.