Purple in the Face!

Jesus! I look so small!
Today 9AM before I was off to school
I'll Color Your World Purple
I'm having a GREAT start to my week. 
Hope you guys are too!


Be careful now..

I met a new friend & he's nice when he wants to be :)
But now, I hear a lot of crap.
His own friend is talking all this crap
About him. Saying he's this & that.
She says he's "just jealous" not because of me or anything of that sort.
It's just weird & to be honest, I don't think we'll be more than just friends.
Unfortunately I come with a lot of baggage :(
& if I feel like they can't survive with me then why bother?
He has some baggage himself.
It's not like I was looking to make him mine or make me his.
I just want to have fun!
so in the meantime we'll just do what friends do.

Bracing for a Disaster.

ALL of his friends date each other & his friends kiss their friends boyfriends then date their friends ex-boyfriend & call them their boyfriend.

He always sticks up for the wrong people. He won't listen when I tell him he's wrong.
He never sticks up for me. I always have to fend for myself.
I'm there when MY world is against him. But he's no where to be found when they turn on me.

I told him I don't know what love is.
He told me I was dumb because it's right in front of me.

This can't be it.Can it?
& I will forever question it. How can you hurt the one you say you love the most?
I think it's the end of us so,
Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for your patience. But I would have rather had honesty it would have made the difference.


I Touched YOU.

Today I had a date with APPLE. I told him it wasn't working out. He was in denial the entire time. He was trying to make it work every way possible. He asked for advice which was a FAIL. Finally he realized it wasn't him it was me. I've been trying to tell him that from the beginning. He AGREED to give me a new love & I left APPLE a satisfied customer. :)

In English Please!

My i pod touch has been acting out lately. It wiped out my entire play list's & didn't want to sync any music anymore :( so I replaced it.

Miss APPLEholic.


Est. 1970.



I make men of all ages look dumb. Let's say for example I was riding public transportation the other day & I was sitting next to a bunch of men. An old lady walks on & looks at them for a seat. They don't care. They're not sensitive. I like Sensitive guys. I give her my seat. I hear women whispering about these "men". "How inconsiderate of them!" "who do they think they are?" Then they look at me, because all eyes were on them & now it falls onto me.

I took a cab home the other day. I was with my liddle sis. The cab driver was nice. But since he had a THICK accent I couldn't understand a word he was saying to me. All I kept hearing was "your eyes are beautiful" & "face model". I guess he was trying to say I should be a model? I told him "THANKS!" but he kept going on & on. He wasn't even looking at the roads anymore he was looking at me! My liddle sis was sort of oblivious to what was going on since she had headphones on. I get this all the time & I have yet to be discovered by any one important. Not that I'm waiting for it to happen.

on my way to school, I had to buy a metro card. Going into the shop there was already a man in there. Buying lotto tickets. I didn't look at him. He had his back to me.He left before me. I chit-chatted then left after. I'm walking away & he calls after me. I tried to ignore him but he was coming closer. I turn around. He says "you have beautiful eyes" -THANKS!  I never knew he seen my eyes since his back was turned to me. -_-
Him: Are you married?
Me: I'm not married *laughs* I have a boyfriend.
Him: Just a boyfriend? nothing more?
HIM: how old are you?
Me: 19
HIM: *nods his head* Thats good enough for me.
ME: *walks away.*
I guess this is how older men talk. They don't ask if you have a boyfriend just ask if your married. I don't even look old enough to even consider marriage!

On the train: Two cuties sit across from me. I'm like wow they're so cute! Turns out THEY were a "cute couple". A big disappointment to me. It's not so much because they were gay but because they were cute gay guys! So I had to just sit there & try not to watch them fondle each other meanwhile I get to my stop which they got off at as well! What a way to start my week with MEN -_-

-"Only in New York kids.."


I dyed my hair this morning! Maybe I should have asked for your opinions but it's kind of too late now. I went darker. It's a rich brown but it kind of, sort of looks BLACK right now -_- I really didn't want to go dark but it's hard having light hair & dark roots coming in. Anywho take a look! & tell me what you think. Is it a "Like" or a "What were you thinking!?" All criticism is welcome :)



My hair looks super DRY. I've been dying my hair since I was 13. I regret it because now I have to keep dying it unless I cut my hair short & let the roots grow out. I don't want short hair! :(  
Have a lovely day :)


The Garden State.

Yesterday I went to a mall in Jersey [Menlo Park] I really loved it there. We went shopping of course. My sis & I [well mostly me] kept trying things on.

I want those glasses which I didn't get because I knew that I can get them cheaper in the city & that liddle hat I forgot what its called.
Later ON we went out to eat to a Peruvian restaurant called Tumi Restaurant. I had no idea we were going to eat there because coincidentally I wore my Tumi necklace from Peru & bracelets. [Tumi Necklace in 1st photo].
Yummy in my Tummy.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
-I Run Peru. Walk New York & Skip Staten Island.

I ate the Cupcake!

Walking around downtown I began to notice a bunch of cupcakes spray painted in random places. I've been told that "someone" goes around spray painting cupcakes & THATS IT! 
My guess is it's their signature? 
A cute & tasteful one! 
The one pictured above was in St. Marks for my fellow New Yorkers.
"Only in New York kids.."

-I run Peru. Walk New York & Skip Staten Island. :)


I'm wrong when I admit I'm wrong.

I know that two wrongs doesn't make a right but how much more wrong doings can I take before I crack? Not much. With all the mistakes I've made I'm not sorry anymore. I know getting back at other's isn't the right answer but sometimes I just want to make them feel how I felt. Make them go through what I went through. Make them see what I seen. I'm not a cheater & certainly am NOT a liar. I don't sugar coat anything. I tell it how it is. It's why the truth hurts.
Eat The Truth RAW!
Revenge is sweet but Revenge is also a confession of pain.
"Victory is temporary for all of us"
3 yrs of believing what you thought was real but wasn't is a BLOW & a waste of time.

Welcome Queen Victoria!

I'm happy to announce that we have welcomed a new addition to the family! 
It's a GIRL!
The sex of the baby hasn't been known throughout the pregnancy my aunt (the same aunt who said she was NEVER going to have kids look at her now) wanted it to be a surprise!
& it wasn't a surprise :) only because there are rarely any boys in the family.
I have a little less than a few uncles & have like 0 boy cousins! 
It would be a miracle for a boy but until then I'm so happy she's here,
she's the cutest baby in TOWN! 
She is half Peruvian and Dominican.
My liddle Panda bear! 
She's only a couple of weeks and she's already smiling!
She amazes me each time.
I love her dearly.


I like you.

I'm really approachable & I sometimes hate it because then I'm bothered a lot & when I'm bothered I get annoyed. Since I know a lot more of what I don't like I thought I'd do some Soul searching & write what I do like, what makes me happy & what makes me, ME I guess.

  • long walks. 
  • all types of delicious food.
  • Positive people.
  • nature. Can't u tell? :) 
  • to read.
  • clothes but I still think we should be roaming the earth naked :]
  • men in black ;)
  • tattoos
  • romancing
  • You. You & You!
Simple. Not shallow or picky. I'm not that hard to figure out but I can promise you I'm something much more than you're use to just a little more than what you can already handle but no too difficult to understand I'm just always misunderstood.


I've been M.I.A. from the Blogger world :)
I hope everyone's been lovely & over all staying POSITIVE!
I've been of course dealing with crap, meeting new people, & enjoying
this lovely weather we've been having!
Can you blame me?
So I received my social security card & it will be kept in a secret location :)
For safe keeping!