I make men of all ages look dumb. Let's say for example I was riding public transportation the other day & I was sitting next to a bunch of men. An old lady walks on & looks at them for a seat. They don't care. They're not sensitive. I like Sensitive guys. I give her my seat. I hear women whispering about these "men". "How inconsiderate of them!" "who do they think they are?" Then they look at me, because all eyes were on them & now it falls onto me.

I took a cab home the other day. I was with my liddle sis. The cab driver was nice. But since he had a THICK accent I couldn't understand a word he was saying to me. All I kept hearing was "your eyes are beautiful" & "face model". I guess he was trying to say I should be a model? I told him "THANKS!" but he kept going on & on. He wasn't even looking at the roads anymore he was looking at me! My liddle sis was sort of oblivious to what was going on since she had headphones on. I get this all the time & I have yet to be discovered by any one important. Not that I'm waiting for it to happen.

on my way to school, I had to buy a metro card. Going into the shop there was already a man in there. Buying lotto tickets. I didn't look at him. He had his back to me.He left before me. I chit-chatted then left after. I'm walking away & he calls after me. I tried to ignore him but he was coming closer. I turn around. He says "you have beautiful eyes" -THANKS!  I never knew he seen my eyes since his back was turned to me. -_-
Him: Are you married?
Me: I'm not married *laughs* I have a boyfriend.
Him: Just a boyfriend? nothing more?
HIM: how old are you?
Me: 19
HIM: *nods his head* Thats good enough for me.
ME: *walks away.*
I guess this is how older men talk. They don't ask if you have a boyfriend just ask if your married. I don't even look old enough to even consider marriage!

On the train: Two cuties sit across from me. I'm like wow they're so cute! Turns out THEY were a "cute couple". A big disappointment to me. It's not so much because they were gay but because they were cute gay guys! So I had to just sit there & try not to watch them fondle each other meanwhile I get to my stop which they got off at as well! What a way to start my week with MEN -_-

-"Only in New York kids.."


  1. Your header makes me dizzy haha. Men dont start about it.

  2. omg that's so funny! lol


  3. hahaaa oh dear :) must admit i laughed
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  4. we're not all bad! I mean, I'm bad, but not all men are I'm sure.