Hey mamacita it was nice to meet ya

I was in a nice restaurant when I thought I was locked in the bathroom.  I tried for several minutes to open the door myself. Several minutes turned to 10 minutes. I'm like ok any minute now someones going to want to use the bathroom right? 5 more minutes & I'm knocking  & saying "hello?" :) Then I'm banging, thinking my friends are going to be looking for me! I'm leaning on the door hearing people laughing, plates clashing I start banging asking anyone to let me out, when a waitress opens the door & I almost fell. I tried to save myself from the embarrassment by walking away casually. :) What a FML moment.

hey mamacita it was nice to meet ya

You know  I have to admit sometimes  I don't look like myself in my own pictures. I know weird but I'll look & say that doesn't look like me or in the future when I look back on photos I'm like wow I can't believe that's me. Have you ever had that moment?

You really don't know who your Neighbors are

In 1952 UFO were spotted above the White House. I was watching a program on tv about this & thought I'd blog about it. Who knows what it could be. Whether this video is proof or not I DO believe that we are NOT the only species of all the galaxy. I'm sure somewhere far out there there's something else living on another planet & who's to say they don't visit us? Who's to say the government hasn't visited them? or captured something? What's in Area 51? The government says there's no such thing as Area 51. Then why is it highly guarded? Why can NO ONE go there? Who knows what they're plotting there, experimenting. Could be anything, or nothing at all. They don't want us to think. They'll love you if you don't & kill you if you do. Think about it :) Do you trust our Government?

Well anyways before I go off topic...I read that Reagan International Airport is one of the worlds Top Dangerous runways. I learned this AFTER my trip to D.C. which was actually a 30 minute flight from Newark Airport which makes it the shortest flight in my life! It's considered dangerous simply because of its location.

Airplanes have to avoid going near ANY building, like flying over the White House, The Capitol & the Washington Memorial. As well as other planes coming in & out of the runway. So what was flying above the White House? What's in Area 51? These are questions that will most likely never be answered.


Feel like letting go

I want to be....

A nutritionist to know all the secrets.
A chef to cook up a storm.
In real estate to bring in business
But I'm majoring in Forensic Psychology to get inside your head.

I can't help it if I'm a little rough around the edges I only want the best for myself. Why should I settle for less? I shouldn't. I can't, especially if all my parents ever did was give nothing but the BEST for my sisters & I. They say bigger is better but smaller is cuter. I'm not hard to please just tough to impress. I'm not asking for the world. I'm not asking for anything outrageous. I just want to be happy. Seems like it's a lot to ask for these days.

I love the affection. I love the attention. Not from everyone & not just anyone, only you.

"I know they say the first love is the sweetest but the first cut is the deepest"


Steady your hands.

Today I was sitting in the park taking in all of the fallen leaves & beautiful colors. I'm dreading winter but for the meanwhile I'm enjoying Autumns warm days.

My kitty Smokey.

by Kai Margarida Ramirez

Reading my daily paper I came across an article of an artist who creates papel picado or paper cutting. She'll be showing her work in celebration of Día de los Muertos events at the LGBT Community Center. Her work will be on display from this Friday to November 3. This form of art dates back to the Aztecs. Lovely stuff take a look here http://www.kaicita.com/index.html 


Sofia Ajram

She's amazing.

I feel like I'm in a strange fairytale in a deep sleep, dreaming away.

"Women influence my photos. women are sexy. 
Women are seductive. I like to document that sexuality."


Got a little more than what I asked for

And there I was fighting to try & stay in control of my body. 
My world was spinning, my heart racing 
but the emotions of feeling numb were to powerful to overcome 
& then I passed out.

This was the start of what I thought should have been a lovely weekend but ended up being a fucking Nightmare. My boyfriend came back from LA, just got paid I thought it was going to be like any other day. Go out spend a little money here & there and enjoy his company....NO it was far from that. 

In the palm of my hands I hold the culprit.

P.S. I look sharper then most men no? ;)


Hello Monday

Monday Mornings are never fun. Crawled out of bed & dragged myself to work. I don't drink coffee & I eat lunch for breakfast.

Speaking of beds I've come to realize that with countless pillows, extra blankets & 2 cats who insist on keeping me warm I just don't have any room to stretch. Not to mention I sleep with books & magazines right next to my pillow.

So I absolutely, positively adore the movie When Harry met Sally. Classic!

*fakes orgasm*

 "I'll have what she's having" 

The End.


Sunshine is a friend of mine

love this song by Rye Rye but I love M.I.A. more.

Catching Beiber FEVER forget the Swine Flu

There's something about his hair that have all these girls going W I L D.
I'm just loving his freestyles.
Che-che-check it out. "This is FUNKY" 

"I'm just a pop singer"

"I'M WHITE" -Shawty MANE

He's too funny.


Cleopatra that Nympho

I don't know how many of you celebrate Halloween or even plan on doing anything for that day but I've been thinking & searching for a Cleopatra costume. I thought it would be really different & nice.

I'm subscribed to Dulce Candy on Youtube & follow her here www.dulcecandy.com & she just uploaded this video. it's a little dramatic for me but Great minds think alike!

Concrete Jungle where Dreams are Made of

I've been too busy working & trying to live a potential SANE life.


My Sunflowers GREW & it's mid-October. Which means they're only going to frizzle & die :( How unfortunate.

I didn't know the ice-skating rink opened up so early. I never been ice-skating so I can't make fun of the kid who was about to fall. It'll be me one day.

Poor fellow was being stubborn to his parents & insisted he skate ALONE. He almost fell plenty of times. :)

So I've set some Goals for myself! Some more important then others. & I hope they will be accomplished sooner rather than later. But everything takes time I guess.