Hey mamacita it was nice to meet ya

I was in a nice restaurant when I thought I was locked in the bathroom.  I tried for several minutes to open the door myself. Several minutes turned to 10 minutes. I'm like ok any minute now someones going to want to use the bathroom right? 5 more minutes & I'm knocking  & saying "hello?" :) Then I'm banging, thinking my friends are going to be looking for me! I'm leaning on the door hearing people laughing, plates clashing I start banging asking anyone to let me out, when a waitress opens the door & I almost fell. I tried to save myself from the embarrassment by walking away casually. :) What a FML moment.

hey mamacita it was nice to meet ya

You know  I have to admit sometimes  I don't look like myself in my own pictures. I know weird but I'll look & say that doesn't look like me or in the future when I look back on photos I'm like wow I can't believe that's me. Have you ever had that moment?


  1. hmm ..... I happens to me as when I look in pictures or videos older not his fault I think how I was before. You know, it's crazy that we can not figure out how we change only after we look at old pictures. sorry again for mistakes they make when writing.

  2. yea pictures dont seem real do they?

    lookin smokin by the way