You really don't know who your Neighbors are

In 1952 UFO were spotted above the White House. I was watching a program on tv about this & thought I'd blog about it. Who knows what it could be. Whether this video is proof or not I DO believe that we are NOT the only species of all the galaxy. I'm sure somewhere far out there there's something else living on another planet & who's to say they don't visit us? Who's to say the government hasn't visited them? or captured something? What's in Area 51? The government says there's no such thing as Area 51. Then why is it highly guarded? Why can NO ONE go there? Who knows what they're plotting there, experimenting. Could be anything, or nothing at all. They don't want us to think. They'll love you if you don't & kill you if you do. Think about it :) Do you trust our Government?

Well anyways before I go off topic...I read that Reagan International Airport is one of the worlds Top Dangerous runways. I learned this AFTER my trip to D.C. which was actually a 30 minute flight from Newark Airport which makes it the shortest flight in my life! It's considered dangerous simply because of its location.

Airplanes have to avoid going near ANY building, like flying over the White House, The Capitol & the Washington Memorial. As well as other planes coming in & out of the runway. So what was flying above the White House? What's in Area 51? These are questions that will most likely never be answered.

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  1. Area 51 is certainly not just a story and something happened, I do not think we're alone in this galaxy. How about the fact that we do not let her think I do not know what to say to that coming from a very small country with a government very incompetent. The U.S. will certainly be another problem at government level. By the way I'm from Romania maybe you have not heard of this country. It is somewhere in Eastern Europe. I do like to post a comment on your blog. sorry of English is really hard writing, speaking speak almost perfect, but writing is harder.