I was going to post a video. A very upsetting video on Haiti but I decided against it because it just
seemed wrong but if you'd like to see the atrocities going on there heres a link :(

In another note, here's another vid. from Jay-Z & what not. I'm no big fan of his -_-
please believe it believe it please but I liked the song :)




I make u wanna wah?!?

:)I enjoy waking up in your clothes. (:

The Key is there to Intercourse, PA.

Untamed Heart

I thought Marisa Tomei was absolutely stunning in this movie.
"..my life is like watching the 3 stooges in spanish"



So for a long time I been wanting a Silencer on my finger. Idk I had my reasons for wanting it & I still do.
"Itchy trigger Fingers"
I just feel like the word "Shh.." was such a typical tat so why not put a silencer? it's the same thang only the real deal will shut yo ashh up! (; But my mind runs at 70mph with the Pros&Cons. when it came down to getting one done I decided to get something "artsy" something no one will be able too see cuz I put it in an undisclosed place.
& I think that's how I want most of my tats to be: Unseen & in the most randomness of places.
Already have ideas for future ones. Cuz you know what they say: "Once you start you can't stop" smh-TRUE.
& that goes for piercings as well. I'm not big on them but I know that for the few who know what I've got know I did it when I was in this rebellious streak. There's no stopping me when I know what I want: I know where to draw the line, I just haven't crossed it yet.


Play Nice

So I found this cool jean jacket in my attic. It's a light washed color. I'm pretty sure it was my moms from way back when. It makes me want spring to come sooner (even though I hate the season) I feel like I can pair it with so many outfits. I can wear it to the death of it or maybe not..(: so the 2010 Spring fashion show is around the corner. I hear The Olsen twins are going to present their line "The Row" before Marc Jacobs Collection. I adore them midgets.


"Live the Moment"

Today marks one year since my father in law passed away :[ (we miss you!) & it's also abuelas birthday (happy birthday!) Tonight's also the night my significant other gave me this jar with motivating words. Its small but it means so much. "Every time I come home its something new. A new problem I can't undo." I shook it a couple of times & saw "Live the moment". It's the simple things in life that will keep me happy :) & I love it!

Somethings Gotta Give

One day a couple of months ago I sat at my computer desk drinking water. I somehow spilled it & got it onto this sheet of paper. Seeing that a couple of drops never dissolved I drew a heart & marked it with "ily".



So today I make my debut on this site. There's much to be done to hook this up! But till then lets just get to the basics: I'm Danielle but I'm comfy with Dan or any other twin-related nickname (; No we're not identical & I'm the older one. Well I've traveled to many countries since I've been 6 months old so I've got a few adventures up my sleeve. I've actually visited more countries then states. I rather explore then go to a vacation hot spot now-a-days. I NEVER follow trends. I simply go by me. So I was persuaded by my boyfrann to make a blog because I "have a lot to say" in other words he thinks my mind is full of SHIT hmph I guess so but until then, tootles!