The One

You'll know when you can't look at any boy or girl the same
You'll know when you don't want to be with anyone else
You'll know if they made a huge impact in your life
& you want that feeling forever.

I wish I love you as much as you love me. I wish I can see you as you see me.
I wish I was patient like you because patience is the key. I wish I can change as you're changing for me. I wish things were different as they ought to be. I wish for a lot of things as you can see but I only wish to love you like you love me then maybe I can see what you see in me and be more patient like you are with me and to change to better you & me.

xo Peace xo


I wonder what Tomorow Brings...

Lately I've been really into purple. Phases such like this doesn't last for very long.

Some friends & I enjoying a celebration.

In the city with my sisters: This guy was a BEAST! :)

Cute kitties which reminded me a lot of my own :)

Here I go again with Purple! I love the cheetah ballerina flats.


I enjoyed myself a BIG fat Burrito from Chipotle & had a lovely drink from Jamba Juice. My two favorite spots right now!


A Touch of Summer's Breeze

It hit the 90's today! So what else to do then go to the beach.
 I look so fat. Trust me I'm working on it! :)
Walking by the water I seen a whole bunch of tiny crabs. 
I absolutely loved it today! 
& it's funny how I said I haven't seen a blimp in years & there it was
flying above me. :)


Cheer up

One more Final then I can OFFICIALLY start my SUMMER! I'm happy. :)

My inspiration for this look is from an unknown model. :]
Her picture is so much better than mine.
Absolutely adorable.
The Portrait above my head in the first photo was given to me. 
It says "Best of Friends" & it represents me & my twin of course.
She says she's the one in the flower dress I was stuck with "plain Jane".
A long long time ago when we first moved into this house we had our walls painted with clouds
& it looks real. I guess this is when it all started. My love for nature.

Good Luck to anyone taking Finals! -kiss kiss.

"Excuse me Miss, whats your name?"

Clear as the sky. Bright as the Sun.

One thing I can't stand is for a guy to talk to me inappropriately & it's been happening a little too often.
I would just want to talk and they just think with their pants.

There was a guy yesterday who sat near me on the train. (It's FINALS time & I was studying my ass off until I got to school) Well he scoots over next to me & starts talking to me. I couldn't even hear him because I had my headphones in & I was in the zone. The minute I look right at him he shuts up and starts stuttering for words.
I have this thing where I hate to make people feel uncomfortable or embarrass themselves.
I'm way too considerate.
The entire time he was so shy and didn't know what to say.
I always get dorky guys who looks like I was the first girl they ever talked to.
It's pathetic & I'm too approachable I hate it.


You GAIN some. You LOSE some.

Ask me If I can handle anything I'll say I can handle everything.

But lets get real! Somethings can take its toll on my liddle body. Lately I've been working out
I NEED to tone my body. It's just not how it use to be :( I hit a 100lbs for the first time in my life! (Im a little more than 100lbs -_-) I'm trying to get MY body back!

My room is a living DISASTER!

I Love Miss Rose.


I haven't had much to say. The majority of the time I was on my death bed, SICK. My other time has been spent dealing with the bullshit again. I've come to realize that other people's problems fall onto my lap. Anytime anyone who wants to talk I'm always there but when I need someone, no ones around.


I remember 3 summers ago I was running home in the pouring rain. He was right beside me. That was the first time he ever saw me with my hair wet & my make-up running down my face...
Dealing with me is dealing with my confidence & insecurities.
My pride & stubbornness.
My victories & losses.
My highs & my lows.

I'm ashamed to say that I'm not as strong as I use to be.
As careless as I need to be or
As Happy as I should be.

...he had a way to never make me feel uncomfortable & safe in his arms. The little things he did meant a lot to me.

Pollute your Body & Mind with Greatness. Never settle for anything less.
Î love this top! nothing but lace in the back.


This is what my weekend is looking like...

  1. I was loving my new shades 8-)
  2. My kitty Smokey watching the sunset
  3. Our prospering garden
  4. & my other kitty Lucky after a long day :)
Have a Wonderful weekend!