I haven't had much to say. The majority of the time I was on my death bed, SICK. My other time has been spent dealing with the bullshit again. I've come to realize that other people's problems fall onto my lap. Anytime anyone who wants to talk I'm always there but when I need someone, no ones around.


I remember 3 summers ago I was running home in the pouring rain. He was right beside me. That was the first time he ever saw me with my hair wet & my make-up running down my face...
Dealing with me is dealing with my confidence & insecurities.
My pride & stubbornness.
My victories & losses.
My highs & my lows.

I'm ashamed to say that I'm not as strong as I use to be.
As careless as I need to be or
As Happy as I should be.

...he had a way to never make me feel uncomfortable & safe in his arms. The little things he did meant a lot to me.

Pollute your Body & Mind with Greatness. Never settle for anything less.
Î love this top! nothing but lace in the back.

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