"Excuse me Miss, whats your name?"

Clear as the sky. Bright as the Sun.

One thing I can't stand is for a guy to talk to me inappropriately & it's been happening a little too often.
I would just want to talk and they just think with their pants.

There was a guy yesterday who sat near me on the train. (It's FINALS time & I was studying my ass off until I got to school) Well he scoots over next to me & starts talking to me. I couldn't even hear him because I had my headphones in & I was in the zone. The minute I look right at him he shuts up and starts stuttering for words.
I have this thing where I hate to make people feel uncomfortable or embarrass themselves.
I'm way too considerate.
The entire time he was so shy and didn't know what to say.
I always get dorky guys who looks like I was the first girl they ever talked to.
It's pathetic & I'm too approachable I hate it.

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