Little Weaklings

I haven't been feeling like my self lately. I feel weird. Physically weird. Some thing bad happened to me a month ago. My body really shot down on me. I blacked out I was fighting so hard to not lose myself but lost and went really numb. I was in the most excruciating pain. It was really bad. Well it sort of happened again only without the pain. I blacked out, went completely numb and I lost all color in me, I was really pale. Very long story short finally went to my doctor he took blood and is going to run a million tests and I mean really check all my organs and what not. I'm nervous. Hoping for the best. There's a light at the end of every dark tunnel right?
I swear misery loves company something bad is always happening to me. And on top of all this as IF my plate isn't already full I'm still dealing with petty bullshit. Looks are deceiving. I was stalked and harassed all weekend. This "guy" from HS thought I liked him. Trust me you'll know if I like you. And the only way is IF I tell you I like you. Well for whatever reason he thought I did, got completely rejected then proceeds to tell me RUDE things. Ugh so fucking typical of a guy. No fucking wonder you don't even have a girl. I was with someone for damn near 5 years. I never cheated on him & he knew about him! He asks me the same day if it was my bf in a music video. SMH and it gets better, he tells ME to delete his number. What are we 15? I never text him EVER! What a dumb ass. Do me a favor and crawl under a rock or bury your head in sand. You're irrelevant in my life.




Such beautiful days it has been lately. Had to take pictures meanwhile the leaves were still falling. Tried a new flavor of tea "Island Mango & Peach". The tea bag is shaped like a pyramid and it actually glistens in the light. Didn't capture it in the photo though.

Yesterday was THANKSGIVING. Hope everyone had a wonderful one I know I did! Ate so much food I definitely gained some weight that I need to work off now. Made sweet potato pie which was really yummy. My lil sister baked so much goodies. Dad bought 2 BIG BOTTLES of MOSCATO. My favorite drink. He knows me so well. I didn't do the early morning Black Friday shopping I was way too tired for that so I waited till after work and dragged my boyfriend with me so he can hold my stuff and wait in line meanwhile I run around like a madman. I bought plenty of gifts that were GOOD deals ONLY. Pretty content with what i bought and the day overall.




It has been a very bittersweet past couple of days. Yesterday was my fathers birthday I also had to rush my dog to the vet :( he wasn't himself all day. It was the first time I ever had to drag him out of bed just for a walk. So far he is showing improvement and I hope he keeps improving I hate to see him in pain and crying it breaks my heart. Really praying for the best. We had a small intimate get together for my dads birthday. We had a very yummy cake my little sister bought him. Wished I had taken a couple of pictures. It seems like no matter how much We try to have a normal and good day bad news seem to follow. Too many deaths and diagnosis it's been a rough couple of days. Well, I'm featured as well as a bunch of other people and celebrities on a site http://entreelifestyle.com check it out let me know if you spot me :) HINT: I'm in the center. It's a clothing line. My sister and I were asked to do a photoshoot for their line which we weren't able to make so we had taken the pictures on our own time. They're really soft and cute sweatshirts check it out. xoxo


I'm terrible

I know I've been hiatus and there's NO excuse as to why I was I never meant for this. I've been doing so much and haven't blogged about any of it! Although I'm back to blogging I'm just going to skip the past few weeks and not bother to blog about what I've been doing and just start off nice and fresh and talk about what is to come.

The holidays are here! I'm so excited I have so much to do and looking forward to many events. Have to get to my holiday shopping as well as Thanksgiving. The weather has been so comfortably warm that I'm dreading the winter I hope its nothing like it was last year.Definitely need to take a few snapshots of how beautiful its looking outside hopefully tomorrow).

I'm currently sick and my eyes are burning even looking at the screen but I felt like I might as well say a few words no matter how weak I feel.

I will always have friends that I stay in touch with and  don't stay in touch with. It's like having different circles with all of them. And no matter how much time has passed or how many years its been if I see those I don't really stay in contact with, seeing and talking to them and being in their presence feels as if time hasn't passed at all. This is a very good thing! And I've only realized this just recently. No awkward moments or strange silences just the same ol'thing only years later. How lovely.