I was on all kinds of sites yesterday shopping for Cyber Monday & started to create Wishlist's & sent them ALL to my boyfriend ;) I am a PSYCHO MANIAC when it comes to shoes I could care-less about clothes. I just want SHOES, Shoes, shoes. All of these shoes are from Jeffrey Campbell & I will get them! :) My bf thinks Wedges look like space shoes. I'll be a skinny bitch with outrageous shoes walking on the moon. The End.


Shop til' you drop

I've been doing so much shopping I'm drying out my own bank account. Not good, being that my anniversary is this week & I'm afraid we won't be doing what we been talking about for the longest :( Plans never work.

What do I get someone who says their simple? (Specifically a guy) I never knew what kind of gifts to give to a man including the men in my life (e.g. dad, abuelo, uncles etc.) besides socks, ties that type of pity gift. It's hard for me especially if they tell me their "simple". HELP!


Gobble Gobble :)


It's the time to say our thanks for our food even though we should be saying that every night. I been waiting for this FEAST for quite some time now :) It's going to be amazing with so much delicious food. I won't be eating all day so I can eat everything at dinner then relax then run around all over the city shopping like a mad women. 

I read in the paper just how much calories one person will most likely intake on this joyous day! About 3,493!! I was shocked to see the food I eat had so much calories, even just a piece or slice of something. It was insane. But no worries it also said that "a one-day eating frenzy won't cause someone to pack on the pounds." AMEN.
ok guys enjoy your Thanksgiving Let me know what you're grateful for, time to go help mom cook.


Underneath my Skin

I'm a shrinking Violet in a world filled with hate, full of controversies & conspiracies.

I gave it 1000% you put in none. So don't tell me how to live my life.

I don't want to be saved I just want to be happy.

They say you'll die the same way you came into this world...ALONE.
Well that doesn't go for me because I came into this world with my twin so I plan on leaving with a BANG!

"I tell myself that you're no good for me
I wish you well but desire never leaves 
I could fight this till the end but maybe 
I don't wanna win"

He may be out of his mind
But some day you will find, that sanity has left us all blind
And dragged us all behind, a moment seen through those eyes
Crystal blue disguise, they say that all beauty must die
I say it just moves on

If you'd only open your mind, then some day you will find
Insanity left us behind, and walked right through the door
I can see the pictures clear as yesterday, pictures all my own
I can hear the voices begging you to stay, but know you're not alone. 



Closer to the Edge.

Do you practice in the mirror? Dance in your underwear? Talk to yourself?

I think I love Jared Leto more as a musician than an actor even though I was surprised when I found out he was the front man of 30 Seconds to Mars a couple a years ago. I feel like all his music speaks to me. Like  I want to scream & shout with him not to mention that he is just scrumptious. There's NO words to describe how much I'm really feeling this band right now.

Where is your God?

A total Chameleon! He's my kind of guy.
Current Faves:
  • Night of the Hunter
  • Hurricane
  • Closer to the Edge
  • Stranger in a strange Land
Cover your eyes if you want a surprise.
Cover your mouth if you want to shout.


I don't want to hear excuses.

Ok, so I have to admit I've been a little hiatus not because I been working but because I been completely glued to my screen playing Call of Duty Black Ops. God I just love that game. I'm such a creative person it's why I have a blog but this game lets me create my own playcard ( if you play it you know what I mean) & just really personalize everything! I was playing with my boyfriend last night on his system (xbox) -_- & he was just awful. He was embarrassed because I played so much better then him. I hope he doesn't read this post I'll never hear the end of it! :)

Since getting the game I will currently be in HIBERNATION MODE which hopefully means more blogging but truly means spending less money & saving everything for holiday gifts & birthdays & anniversaries. It's never ending. I'm in so much of the holiday spirit I've already been shopping & can't wait for Black Friday to buy my sisters their ridiculous gifts then worry about other occasions.

Yesterday was dad's birthday he is a lil over half a century old. We went to our favorite Peruvian restaurant & got him a delicious cake. AND I cannot forget to mention that my little sister managed to set herself on fire on his birthday. I was laughing but NOT because it was funny because it was nervous energy I'm glad she was a quicker thinker then me because  I couldn't stop laughing to even help her. :( But she's ok. The towel she had around her neck took most of the damage.

Thanksgiving is right here can't wait to munch on all the delicious cooked meals. Gain some weight then hopefully lose it all. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

-kiss kiss


Rolling Stones over here

Received the new Rolling Stone mag in the mail the other day. The one with funny man Conan O'Brien on it. There's two articles I want to talk about. They're actually books that I want to get after reading the articles.

I'm not a huge fan but I do want to get his memoir Decoded out November 16. He chose an Andy Warhol print as his book cover. Lovely. Did you know there's a "million dollar multimedia scavenger hunt"? Fans can search reproduction of the book's pages somewhere all over the world. INTERESTING. Clues are posted online & founders of the pages are "eligible" to see him perform New Year's Eve with Coldplay. Overall his book sounds really interesing & I think I just might have to read it.

Life by K.R. is another memoir I will most def. get. He's just so raw and blunt unless you bring up M. Jagger then he keeps mum. Eat the Truth Raw. "We despised money, we despised cleanliness, we just wanted to be black motherfuckers..." Definitely a junkie's eye view of the world being that he's either hung-over or coked up. "This might be the only drug memoir ever written that features no redemptive clean up, no 12 steps, no regrets, no apologies."  A brilliant case of sex, drugs & rock n roll.


"Y is a crooked letter"

They say friends make better lovers. The thing is I don't think I'll ever give a friend a chance to find that out.

It's only November & I'm already getting into the holiday spirit. I want to put my Christmas tree up as well as all the decors :) In October  I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving dinner now I can't wait till Xmas eve. What's next my birthday? which isn't for another 7 months. (I actually CAN'T wait!! )

So besides being in the holiday spirit I don't know why I have to go through stupidity. I have a question: Is it OK to spend a birthday with a friend but don't go to dinner with your girlfriend & her family on her birthday? I'm saying no matter what the issue is if your in a relationship for I don't know damn near 4 years you don't miss birthdays & you don't miss anniversaries. I find something so so wrong with that as well as other countless shit. Who are we kidding here? I'm not one to be walked on. I'm not stupid.


TODAY, I had to buy a flea collar for my kitty cat. Only they didn't have flea collars for cats just droplets I'll have to use for the next 3 months. I don't think they're fleas but he keeps scratching around his neck to the point he loses patches of hair & bleeds a little :( If this doesn't work then the vet it is.

...& when we spoke I told her I don't understand why everything happens to me. Why me? WHY? Why? why? She says "Y is a crooked letter"


Interior Design Inspiration

I want the finer things in life. Who doesn't? I want it all to be from me. I'm working hard for it.

I have a walk-in closet but it's beginning to get all crammed & tight to the point you can't even walk in there. :( Wish I had a whole new room for a closet because the lord knows I need plenty of closet space. As well as a lovely bedroom & other things :)

forget clothes, I'm all about shoes.

They sell this Godmorgan compartment box at Ikea I have to get this.

 & since I love nature I can't forget my pond possibly inside the house? 
Who knows...



I didn't dress up as Cleopatra as I should have. Instead I was a killer school girl ;) well some thought I was a Butler. Must of been that bow tie. Had a lovely time freeezing my ass off. Everyone's costumes were amazing. Thought it was going to be a slutfest, I know how girls get but turned out I seen way more sausages & asses from guys. Too funny. Only in New York kids, only in New York. Now time to eat some good food & cuddle with l'boyfriend looks like once it turned November it's just going to be cold days. Hibernation mode in effect soon...

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