I don't want to hear excuses.

Ok, so I have to admit I've been a little hiatus not because I been working but because I been completely glued to my screen playing Call of Duty Black Ops. God I just love that game. I'm such a creative person it's why I have a blog but this game lets me create my own playcard ( if you play it you know what I mean) & just really personalize everything! I was playing with my boyfriend last night on his system (xbox) -_- & he was just awful. He was embarrassed because I played so much better then him. I hope he doesn't read this post I'll never hear the end of it! :)

Since getting the game I will currently be in HIBERNATION MODE which hopefully means more blogging but truly means spending less money & saving everything for holiday gifts & birthdays & anniversaries. It's never ending. I'm in so much of the holiday spirit I've already been shopping & can't wait for Black Friday to buy my sisters their ridiculous gifts then worry about other occasions.

Yesterday was dad's birthday he is a lil over half a century old. We went to our favorite Peruvian restaurant & got him a delicious cake. AND I cannot forget to mention that my little sister managed to set herself on fire on his birthday. I was laughing but NOT because it was funny because it was nervous energy I'm glad she was a quicker thinker then me because  I couldn't stop laughing to even help her. :( But she's ok. The towel she had around her neck took most of the damage.

Thanksgiving is right here can't wait to munch on all the delicious cooked meals. Gain some weight then hopefully lose it all. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

-kiss kiss

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  1. Way to kick some ass. I've never really been a CoD person, but I've been playing Red Dead Redemption's add on Undead Redemption. It makes me happy.