Gobble Gobble :)


It's the time to say our thanks for our food even though we should be saying that every night. I been waiting for this FEAST for quite some time now :) It's going to be amazing with so much delicious food. I won't be eating all day so I can eat everything at dinner then relax then run around all over the city shopping like a mad women. 

I read in the paper just how much calories one person will most likely intake on this joyous day! About 3,493!! I was shocked to see the food I eat had so much calories, even just a piece or slice of something. It was insane. But no worries it also said that "a one-day eating frenzy won't cause someone to pack on the pounds." AMEN.
ok guys enjoy your Thanksgiving Let me know what you're grateful for, time to go help mom cook.


  1. i'm pretty sure i pounded back at least 6,000, the food was sooooooooooo good

  2. Happy Thanksgiving :)

    Cows dancing,