My so called Life

I was really young when I first started to watch this show. Typical teenagers who experience, experiment, and rebel. I recently watched the whole season on rainy days and can truly relate to it.

I think we all have a friend like Rayanne. She's free spirit, careless & wild. Not to mention her very unique sense of style in which she constantly piles on different layers of rags and box braids. But also the kind who fucks up BIG time. (if you don't have a friend like her then consider yourself lucky)

He's the one you want to call your best friend & not for the cliché of having a gay best friend but for the fact that he's there for all the right reasons. You can't say that he has a big mouth he is just a genuine and honest person I love that about him. Meanwhile the whole school knew what Rayanne did to Angela, Ricky was the only one who was strong enough to tell her the Raw truth & for pulling Angela down from Cloud 9 when she believed in her heart that Jordan Catalano wrote her the apology letters.
 And last but not the very least Angela....
I guess its safe to say shes the typical teenage girl. I honestly got a little annoyed with her for being naive & gullible. I for one don't have a heart to forgive a "friend" for doing the unthinkable. I wouldn't even have gave her the time of day anymore. -_- Well a lot of girls can relate to her for her innocence and how far she would go to please the one she really likes. (BLAHH)



Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as I did. I want to take the time and say  that I never wanted to go on Hiatus although it seemed that way. I just haven't had much to say at all. In fact I was even contemplating on whether or not to just delete my blog and focus on what really needs to be handled. But I decided against it, for the simple fact that I would've most likely regret it and I knew that it was just a phase. I would eventually need something to spill my guts into therefore my blog stays! OK Back to business....

I went to church with my boyfriend for the first time. ALL my life I only been to Spanish mass. Everything was sang & preached in Spanish so I knew that this would be a new experience. For starters it was really tiny. I never been to a church so small in my life. Before we get there I asked him "so when does church finish?" & he smiles and says "well we're black so it never ends" :) And boy was he right. It was full of energy and really brought me to tears because as soon as you walk in you can feel everyone's energy and how they feel towards our Savior. They were so welcoming to me & even told me not to panic when several church goers fainted after the Priest said a prayer for them. I felt really moved and refreshed. Such a Beautiful feeling.

Then from there we were off to mi abuela's house for food and spent the rest of the day relaxing with the whole family. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Jeffrey Campbell

I am so happy I purchased my first pair of JC! I never intended on buying these at all I just stumbled upon them while browsing their collection to see if the shoes I truly wanted were back in stock :) They aren't and I'm still on waiting lists. (booooooo)

A total bargain compared to the Acne Hybrid SuedeWedge boots I planned on purchasing.