Heavy Storm

I'm not going to sit around and think of the 'what if's', never got a "thank you", no card, NO gifts.

Trying to explain to someone what they did was wrong is no easy task because all they do is DENY DENY DENY. I know its not me because I do what I can. I know I've done the best I can and I feel like there's nothing more I can do. 

I had hoped that when it rained it pour & got exactly that & more....flood. My house flooded for the first time ever! I don't know how or why it all of a sudden happened because we've always been ok through any storm. Wasn't so lucky this time. But above all cloudy days is a clear sky.

Pink Torture

We all have Skeletons in our closet. Some fall out and others are hidden in a dark valley. Mine are just locked in tight with the key thrown away. There are things I will never tell people. Things that are kept between my sisters & I, and other hidden secrets kept to myself. So if you asked me "Can you keep a Secret?" I sure can.


Sometimes I wonder people's motives.

All I hear is bad news.

It's sad to see good friend's fall a part for no apparent reason. And to broadcast it on the internet is just childish and unnecessary. Soon it will be 2012, will things get better? Doubt it. Apparently a majority of people have a tough time facing their problems and so they show it through subliminal riddles and expect us to know the issue. And if it weren't for them I wouldn't have met my boyfriend. :[ I just want to ask why all of  sudden? I don't think I'll ever know.

Good-bye Old friend.

We have good genes

"Life is like a pair of jeans. Some work forever, others seem perfect but never quite fit. Some are sturdy, others need a lot of care. Some get too small, go out of style or just lose their appeal"

I'm glad he chooses me over others as he should. [Sheesh] IF you only knew. 2 more months.


Gold Rush

Getting too many clothes in colors mauve, burgundy or maroon -what ever, Same difference to me.

I have not been feeling like myself lately. I'm too young to be feeling so old. I'm constantly getting a headache and my lower back is always hurting. Thankfully I read in a mag. how to help ease the pain for backaches I just have to buy a ball now and lay on it :) That was easy lets hope it works.


Wedding Bells

My bf takes terrible pictures.

Went to my boyfriends brothers wedding. It was so beautiful made me feel anxious for my day. My second family are such wonderful people & full of life. I've learned so much from them I couldn't have asked for anything more.

You're a cat? Well I'm a Leopard

 Purrrrr for me
 He was mad that things didn't go his way.
still mad :]

Enjoyed a quick stroll by the seaport to handle some business that didn't go swell. Things happen what can I say. Unfortunately small mistakes can cause bigger problems but he'll get over it. [You Live & You Learn]

We then headed to midtown to enjoy a lunch at Olive Garden. It was our first time there & we thought instead of staying downtown eating the same ol' thing we might as well try something new. Well to us anywho. We had such a great time enjoying each others company. I love just being with him and sharing these small moments talking about the WORLD! There's never a dull moment with us. We are FAR from a typical couple but I'll explain myself in a separate post. xo