Taken by Storm

If I tell you that you're unbelievable its not really a good thing until you hear me say you're AMAZING.

I've been on your team, by your side. I've walked on the same broken glass you have.

Now tell me that's not Love

Message in a Bottle

I was so upset my computer crashed so I've been unable to blog about anything! Its stressful because I lost so many years of memories, music, works etc. I've been drinking the pain away. Considering to buy a flask, a cute one to sip here and there or spike a drink or two.

Can't wait to have my belongings back to NORMAL again, to where it should be. You know having over a million photos & "crap" to the point it starts freezing up on you!

Oh, it snowed....surprisingly. These past couple of days, NO weeks have been so hard on me. I feel like I'm losing control of myself that I had a mental break down. The only thing that's keeping my spirits up IS.....something I can't announce yet :( But I will as soon as I get the green  light!

  • I'm just creating a twitter @danHeartland I'd love to follow bloggers so feel free to leave me your @ names.



Give me a beating heart please.

I want to infect you with my Love.
Inject you with this drug.
Can you feel it in your bloodstream?
Just breathe baby I know you can't get enough of me.

I asked for it & he got it. :)

Do you remember where this book is from? Carrie Bradshaw was reading it to Mr. Big in bed. 
(Sex & The City)
Did you know that this book was non-existent until the movie premiered. It was originally just a prop for the movie until it was in high demand. I'm happy they published it, I'm old school. I love everything about LOVE.
I love the book its relatively small so you can finish it in a day but I haven't because my eyes are something else -_- I can't seem to find my Sex & The City 2 movie and its driving me crazy :(  Its somewhere..... then nowhere.

Smashing Dolls

Well, well Hello New Year

I brought it in on my death bed. My body is one fucked up organ fighting itself. You name it I had it. Virus, flu etc. Is this what happens when you get the flu shot? NEVER FUCKING AGAIN! My first time getting that & no more. Any who I been wasting away on my bed. My eyes burn blogging but I knew it needed to be done and plus I don't want to be sitting in my quarantined room doing absolutely nothing. Gagging sleepless nights, just reading, not eating just drinking HEAVY.

Going through my Victoria Secrets catalog & realized some things...the models lean so hard to try & portray a "figure" within their stick figures it looks like they're going to break their hips. What hips? heh