I lost my identity today. & I must say I've been having a rough week. Today I realized my social security card went missing. I was in denial the entire time I was looking for it because I DON'T LOSE ANYTHING, especially important things like my life! I'm just not an irresponsible person at all so it's safe to say I was going to have some sort of breakdown because it just so happens I need it more than ever right now & it's not helping that I have to go & replace it which will delay everything! I swear nothing good ever happens to me I've been running on bad luck for a while now. Fuck it.

I got ice in my veins blood in my eyes, hate in my heart, love in my mind I seen nights full of pain, days of the same. You keep the sunshine, save me the rain. I search but never find, hurt but never cry, I work & forever try, but I'm cursed so never mind.


I've been trying to find you like Waldo shorty

Careless. CareFREE. Stubborn. Maybe. But somehow I'm still considerate. 
INSANELY unpredictable moods; He who bears with me is worth my time. 
Equal-opportunity irresponsibility.

I've been lied to again. 
Everyone's a liar. 
Hiding in Plain sight.

I think my eyes are playing tricks on me. Or am I seeing the real thing?
Or maybe its my mind going on a whirlwind spin. 
My whole world seems to be spinning.
I was on a roll and now every thing's going slow.
I'm fucked.

Tainted Love.

With all honesty I am terrified of being in a relationship for many reasons.
It's why I keep my guard up.
I'm mad the world knew more about my love then I did.
I'm mad that they could see right through the broken glass.
I was blinded by false impressions. An unworthy chance given & taken for granted.

If I don't take anything for granted then wouldn't I be taking advantage of everything?
What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down. My good friend Karma.

But wait,
If the sky is the limit then why does everything that goes up must come down?

AND it is true: If one too many people are telling you he's no good for you then chances are he isn't.

It's one thing to admit when you're wrong but it's another to learn from them.
AND you're not learning.



& I encourage everyone to participate.
All major landmarks across the Globe are doing it
by simply turning off the power.

AT 8:30 PM Local Time.
If you don't know what this is about it's just a symbolic way
to send out a message to save the Earth & to go GREEN! 

I Only worship Mother Earth

Go ahead & light some candles.


Baggage Soul.

I like to debate. I like to be able to prove a point.

Today I hurt his feelings.
I was sorry.
But thats how I felt.

I feel empty every time I think its
over thats why I take you back every time.

I know right from wrong.
I know good over bad.

He can just look at me & know.
My face.
So I watch my thoughts when I'm around
him because he gets inside my head.

I wont be named the villain but I refuse to play the victim.

-"& when you kiss my cheek my knees get weak my heart just skipped a beat so I just froze."

"Always give the Public their Heroes."
Know that there is a meaning behind
every line. verse. rhyme. quote.
Everything is not how it may seem to be.
Just like the quote above. It is one word:
Open your eyes
Because those who tried to open them for us
were Assassinated.


Call me Andy

Rough me Up. Tie me down. Throw me over your shoulders 
without dropping me to the ground.

Sundays are usually the day I go visit my grandmother. & today we did just that! These past couple of days have been quite lovely & too good to be true. Well out of my whole outfit she's like "I love that hat & watch" 
-_- I'm like thanx. They're my boyfriend's! Whatever is his is MINE! 

so we talked. and talked. and talked some more over lunch. 

I love hearing stories about her past. This time she was telling me how she became pregnant at 16 and never even knew (with my dad) & whole bunch of shenanigans! Then it was cut short because my aunt was calling from Spain (she lives there) Oh how I miss her so much!

Moving along,

So I take a cab & he's nice. But then he becomes a little too nice. He already seemed creepy & I don't know I'm just overly paranoid about everything I get anxiety way too easily. He was like trying to get to know me & make me smile. He asked my age & couldn't believe it because I "look so young". haha duh! Tell me something I don't know
-_- Ask for my name & I'll give u false info. Call me Andy & my twin Olive from our middle names Andrea  & Olivia. I was avoiding eye contact the entire time because "your eyes are the window to your soul" I didn't want to invite him in. I didn't want to make conversation. I just wanted to go home. & home is where he took me.


Bow down :)

Anyone who knows me knows I adore bows. I have a small collection of hair bows &  decided to make a hair bow (literally) :) (:

Go on the website for this lego bow you see here
To create your own hair bow, look no further but at this video. She's 
Korean & she doesn't speak english but I believe it has
subtitles. It's really simple. kk Enjoy :)


I'm going to lay it all out for you

Dear MCJJ,

I hate to feel like I'm being pitied. Lets get something straight: I'm not looking for a shoulder to cry on. Trust me I have more than enough "wannabe" people who try to be one of them. People who ask a million questions I'm reluctant to answer just so that they can feel like they're a part of my life. People who want to get to know me but are doing it in all the wrong ways. 

MY POINT: I'm tired of defending the decisions I make I just want to LIVE.

You live and you learn.
Misery loves Company.

Fact is I'm a loner & I like it that way. After all, this world is my company :) I rather you not ask about my personal life, instead ask about my day if you're that curious. I am living one day at a time. I feel like I'm re-introducing myself. . It's kind of funny actually... 

You can't have your cake & eat it too.

Yours truly, Me.


Shall we Dance?

Can you imagine my amazement when VH1 kept giving showings on FLASHDANCE?!? 
I love that movie. I adore Jennifer Beals. She's the definition of CRAZYSEXYCOOL

She makes me just want to get up & DANCE DANCE DANCE! :) (:

Little Weapon

"Now I don't know much about where I'm from
But I know I strike fear everywhere I come
Government wants me dead so I wear my gun
I really want the rocket launcher but I'm still too young
This candy gives me courage not to fear no one
To feel no pain and hear no tongue
So I hear no screams and  I shed no tear
If I'm in your dreams then your end is near."
-Lupe Fiasco <3

You have 10 NEW Messages:

Lets get CRAZY. Run around WILD.  & get in the MIX.

Subliminal messages are everywhere

PSST! Disney is the number one culprit.


I'm too much to attain too W I L D to tame

I wonder if I'll ever marry. & I mean be in a successful marriage without threats of a divorce. I'd say I'm an overall good girl. Forget what they say a woman can be every bad name in the book. I say there was a man who made her that way. Scorned. Who can blame her? My favorite number is 2.
  • Because two is better than one.
  • Because it takes two to Tango.
  • Because I look at both sides of a story.
  • & because it means 2 people together forever!!!!
It takes only 1 to fuck it all up! What a shame. tsk tsk. 2 2 2 hehehe Well I hope I find my Soulmate with out actually looking for him in this lifetime. Where are you & whats keeping you from me? :( Patience is the key *repeats 2 more times* :) Whoever he is will be able to handle me in anyway possible & want only ME! You don't know how much I would love that. To make you only mine & make me only yours. ily.

"You will do one of two things. You will admit to everything. Or he'll say he's not the same & you'll begin to wonder why you came"
I tell you The Fray gets to me all the time :) :)

Hey there Sunshine

I sit where the sun shines not caring if it's blinding my eyes.
I just want its warm touch till the very end.
I think too much. *sighs* The core of all my thinking occurs right when I'm about to sleep.
Think now then fall asleep happy. I blog during the afternoon when I can. Its why I named it 
Sunset Twin. I think it's one of the best times of the day. It's just about the time when you come home
from a long day. The time to relax. It's also the time to get dolled up to party. Its just very serene to me.
Nothing but calmness (besides rush hour) Best believe when I grow old I'll make sure I buy a home with 
a beautiful view so that I can grab a lawn chair sip some wine & watch the sun set. :)


If I can be any lizard I'd be a Chameleon:

Since Spring is around the corner I thought we can talk about fashion.

I don't know what to call "my style". I wouldn't want any of my outfits to have any similarities with the last or next look. In the end, casualty gets the best of me.(when I'm not doing much)

I compare myself to a chameleon because with my confidence I believe I can pull off most looks :) whatever that look might be. I'm just really excited warmer weather is on its way! I can't wait, although I HATE spring because of terrible allergies, it is better than NOTHING.


Super Hypochondriac

I come home from school today & my lil sis randomly says,
"I don't care I want it done! I wanna grow already I can't stand being short! I'm going to China!!" Mind you she's only 16. She's already been to Japan but she wants to go to China because it's "common" for people to get these surgeries, "leg lengthening" is what she says.

I think she is ABSOLUTELY out of her mind. But who am I to judge? Whatever floats her boat. But I am worried about The Surgery. We already watched a program on this topic before. It's like rarely done in the US because of infection. They're basically breaking your knees and installing rods to add height. Where do they get the extra skin to cover up your new legs? My guess would be somewhere else. (ewww)


So today she (my liddle sis) decides to go to the doctors because she thinks she has oral cancer! Ok now I know my twin & I are very hypochondriac when it comes to any little thing we see as "odd" but babeh sis who we named after The Little Mermaid :) wasn't having it. She had to KNOW!  It was only her taste buds  that she thought was Oral cancer. A relief for her & to us all :) She overreacted when she read symptoms & what not that lead to her assumption. Oh btw the doc's orders for her to grow is to JUMP! ^_^ he must of thought she was nuts also if she mentioned the surgery.

-Thanks Doc.


I don't like opinions. I am my own critic.
I don't like labels. I am open-minded.

Times have definitely changed. NOTHING is how it use to be. Sometimes I wished I was from the 1800's their style the way women dressed as if they're were going somewhere fancy, I love that! 

Q: Who invented clothes? 
A: someone shy.

Imagine we walked the earth NAKED. Would things be any different? Would we be taken serious? 

There is one too many unwritten Rules we HAVE to live by otherwise society will label you. Otherwise YOU will give yourself   a "bad name". Brave souls go against the Rules. 

So in other words, Do what you want because I do as I please.  Rules don't Apply :) (: