Call me Andy

Rough me Up. Tie me down. Throw me over your shoulders 
without dropping me to the ground.

Sundays are usually the day I go visit my grandmother. & today we did just that! These past couple of days have been quite lovely & too good to be true. Well out of my whole outfit she's like "I love that hat & watch" 
-_- I'm like thanx. They're my boyfriend's! Whatever is his is MINE! 

so we talked. and talked. and talked some more over lunch. 

I love hearing stories about her past. This time she was telling me how she became pregnant at 16 and never even knew (with my dad) & whole bunch of shenanigans! Then it was cut short because my aunt was calling from Spain (she lives there) Oh how I miss her so much!

Moving along,

So I take a cab & he's nice. But then he becomes a little too nice. He already seemed creepy & I don't know I'm just overly paranoid about everything I get anxiety way too easily. He was like trying to get to know me & make me smile. He asked my age & couldn't believe it because I "look so young". haha duh! Tell me something I don't know
-_- Ask for my name & I'll give u false info. Call me Andy & my twin Olive from our middle names Andrea  & Olivia. I was avoiding eye contact the entire time because "your eyes are the window to your soul" I didn't want to invite him in. I didn't want to make conversation. I just wanted to go home. & home is where he took me.

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  1. Awww, I love spending time chatting with my nana tooo.