Super Hypochondriac

I come home from school today & my lil sis randomly says,
"I don't care I want it done! I wanna grow already I can't stand being short! I'm going to China!!" Mind you she's only 16. She's already been to Japan but she wants to go to China because it's "common" for people to get these surgeries, "leg lengthening" is what she says.

I think she is ABSOLUTELY out of her mind. But who am I to judge? Whatever floats her boat. But I am worried about The Surgery. We already watched a program on this topic before. It's like rarely done in the US because of infection. They're basically breaking your knees and installing rods to add height. Where do they get the extra skin to cover up your new legs? My guess would be somewhere else. (ewww)


So today she (my liddle sis) decides to go to the doctors because she thinks she has oral cancer! Ok now I know my twin & I are very hypochondriac when it comes to any little thing we see as "odd" but babeh sis who we named after The Little Mermaid :) wasn't having it. She had to KNOW!  It was only her taste buds  that she thought was Oral cancer. A relief for her & to us all :) She overreacted when she read symptoms & what not that lead to her assumption. Oh btw the doc's orders for her to grow is to JUMP! ^_^ he must of thought she was nuts also if she mentioned the surgery.

-Thanks Doc.


  1. I love this outlook on your life! How brilliant!!!! Leg Lengthing, that sounds super dangerouse, 16 what a fun age!

  2. tell her i said im goin to china wit her i need some extra legs too i wanna go to the nba lol