10 Things Every Woman Should have Engraved on Her Brain

So this topic is from an article I read in a magazine a while ago but I kept the page for reminders I guess & I'm willing to share with everyone, well the ladies :)

  • You Must vote.
  • Good Enough sex isn't Good Enough.
  • It's not a sin to win
  • You have much better friends than Ben & Jerry
  • You can't change a bad boy. Only he can change himself.
  • Your body is a Wonderland.
  • Do it now; deal with the fear later.
  • First rent, then shoes.
  • Yelling makes it harder for people to hear you.
  • Don't get even, get even better.


Mother Nature at its Best?

So early this morning Chile has been hit with a 8.8 magnitude earthquake. I'm only blogging about this because I'm half Chilean and half if not most of my family lives there. I don't know where they are and I'm hoping everyone's ok. This is the second biggest earthquake that struck Chile that is causing a global warning for a tsunami. It is said a quarter of the world can be affected by it.

The first biggest earthquake occurred in 1960 which lead to massive destruction & thousands of deaths that spread to the Philippines, Japan & Hawaii.

As I'm watching the Spanish news, news reporters are comparing past earthquakes to today's. Recent earthquakes around the world resulted in hundreds & thousands of deaths. Chile's earthquake killed from what we know now 140+ people. That's because their buildings were made to withstand such catastrophes & they experience less severe earthquakes more often.

All I can wish for is the best. I think the worst is yet to come but with so many things happening it sure is the beginning.

Mother Earth is uncontrollable.


Save your Enthusiasm.

"Lost & insecure you found me 
lying on the floor.
Why'd you have to wait? where were you?
Just a little late.
You found me."

I love The Fray it cleanses my soul.

"Six inch Walker Big shittalker  I never play the Victim
I rather be a stalker. So baby take me in
I'll disobey the law
make sure you frisk me good check my panties & my bra."
-Rihanna Rockstar 101

ok ENOUGH! I'm done speaking about lost love & my feelings. I'll be back to writing lovely posts 
sooner rather than later.
I hope.
Tootles. ;)


It was good to know you

For so long I've blamed myself for everything that went wrong for letting it even go on for this long...

I'm in this stage of my life where I feel blank. I don't feel anything. & I'm not sure it's much of a good thing. Who knows how long it'll last.

So there's this guy who stole my heart & ran away with it. He took it & did exactly what I would do to his right about now. He destroyed it. I picked up a small piece & caged it in 20 ton steel with thick hammered nails so that it will never happen again.
Just waiting to recover.

Pain is Pleasure. Pleasure is Pain.

How can you hurt the person you say you love the most?



I've neglected my blog for a while been so busy with stupidity & school. 
Been having a terrible week thats all.
Hope everyone's doing better then me.
But I'm sure you are.
Stay Lovely.


He pushed my little buttons.
Forgive my "rudeness" I'm kind of HEARTless
Because my hearts a mess.
Or whatever is left of is. 


Get it together

Daddy is clearly fascinated with asians. I hate to say it but he only messed with mommy because he thought she was asian (he said it actually & she looks more Phillipine to me -_-) then BOOM off to the altar because she's going to have TWINS! his life- OVER. My Life- Just beginning. He's always talking about he's leaving "I'm leaving!" I know where to find him. When I was younger I use to think I was adopted then tortured my lil sister saying she was! Don't feel too bad for her. Guess who got to visit Japan for a couple weeks? She did. But she was nice enough to bring me back some cute things. Like this bamboo doll & a hair bow :)

a Puking Delight.

I'm getting really Sick. I'm getting sick&tired of certain guys! These so-called "friends". So this is what "he's" doing (& there are several): They're getting mad. Simple no? NO. It's like they wake up mad at the world & insist on telling the world that they're mad!! It's driving me insane seriously. It's like another cry for HELP! Get it please. You need it. I'm currently taking Abnormal Psychology!! Don't you understand I'm like observing & analyzing every liddle thing? You're like my own experiment on moods. My EXAMPLE to the class. So here's my example of what one does: He'll constantly update his FB status (which is ridiculous) on how people piss him off or he's not in the mood, or how girls are this & that & if "you don't like me idgaf". wow. speechless. & I don't really care but cared enough to blog about you.you&you. So this is what you do, & it's simple really...you LIVE!! & dammit just stay positive that's all. I heart POSITIVE. :)



Growing up I wanted to be a Painter.
I don't know what happened to that.

My family is so musically inclined & I mean instrumentally. In our younger days we use to drown ourselves in Beethoven's misery. I loved his dramatic exaggeration.

Abuelo: Guitar
Abuela: Piano
Aunt's: Violin, Piano, Clarinet
Twin: Trumpet, Piano, Clarinet
Me: Piano, Clarinet

But back to being a painter, recently I watched a movie called Vicky Cristina Barcelona. That movie reminded me of myself. Not so much as having three-somes with a man in Barcelona along with his psychotic ex-wife, but much like Cristina I knew so much of what I didn't want oppose to what I really wanted. We spend so much time creating some sort of checklist we forget to sit back and go with the flow.

Growing up I took many art classes.
I'm a better drawer then painter.

& still to this day I would take an art class. Although I'm in college now & the art classes were of art history instead of drawing I enjoyed every minute of it. My fave painters are Georges Seurat, Rembrandt, Titian.

Top: Drawing I done recently.

Left: So this drawing was never finished. I always date them & it showed August 3, 2003 a long time ago.

A long time ago
I was pushed to become an artist instead of a musician like the rest of my family.

What is your Talent?


Maybe Just Maybe..

I should run off & join the circus!
Just a thought. Anywho Happy Valentines day
Just in case I won't be able to blog. & don't pay any mind to those
who talk down on V-day. They're what I call the "lonely souls"
or pessimistic creatures. j/k, no I'm NOT! ;)

Spread The Love.

Mommy Dearest.

So I have to admit my mom is NO fool. There's this "situation"my twin & I been dealing with & I know mom knows something is UP & she doesn't like for us to keep secrets. I felt like we should have told her to fill her in on all the madness going on because after all mother knows best. But it's not entirely my business to go ahead and pour it all out.

& so the story goes on:

I feel like she has this build in radar like she knew when I smoked or drink, waking up with stupid hangovers blaming it on illnesses (btw I don't do any of those anymore) & I feel like she knows so much more then she is willing to say. But as I'm getting older and damn near 20 I find myself opening up to her about everything without having to worry about her criticizing or judging me for that matter. & to my amazement she never has. I love her dearly & I'd hope to have some sense like her when I bear children.

The End.


Strawberry Tart = love.

I am a little more than you're use to but not too complicated to understand. I am just always misunderstood.

I laugh. You Laugh.

Smile because sometimes that's the only thing that you can do. Bottling up emotions will cause the glass to explode & leave deep wounds. Deep conversations. Tell me your inner most thoughts because I want to know it all. & that's exactly what I had last night. A deep conversation with a very very close friend. When you feel like the world is up against you and nothing is going you're way just remember good things happen to those who wait.


Snowed in

So it came! & now I just want to build a fort & throw snowballs :) Only problem is it's still snowing & I'm snowed in -_-. Don't worry about kitty he actually likes this white stuff.


Winter Blues.

I need to get outside where nature awaits. But it's not helping with this much anticipated Snowstorm on its way. -_- All I know is that it better pass on quickly & quietly. Oh summer how I've missed you!
Hurry back soon. soon. soon.


Lately I've been seeing a little of me has rubbed off on people.
In good way.
It's kind of funny actually...

Well I joined weardrobe a couple of weeks ago. Join if you like :) Let us all get inspired. Although I'm NO fashion junkie, I do it for fun. http://www.weardrobe.com/users/dan-andrea I shop bargains & splurge occasionally.

On another Note,

Isn't it a good feeling to have someone to turn to? Someone you can create memories with share moments with & all those little things in between? hmm. You see I won't be used and abused.
Nope I won't.
So what if my heart races when I see his name printed somewhere? What if my heart stops when I see his picture? What if with every kiss or touch he takes my breath away & knocks me out? It can't just be a bad case of anxiety can it? hmm maybe. Whatever it might be I'm not so sure I'm ready to let it go or get help for it.
Not just yet.
I can absolutely, positively be head over heels.
& one more thing before I go..


"How You Doin?"

Yesterday some friends & I went to see Wendy Williams. I have to say I had so much fun! :) It was like a club at 9AM. Everyone was dancing & having a good time on her set.

It was so funny how this guy was struggling to comment on Wendy's "Hot Topics" he needed help :) "Where are the kids parents in all of this?" He was commenting on Miley Cyrus' lil sister who along with her co-star on some Disney show are coming out with a lingerie line for kids her age! *gasps* That family (to me) is so scandalous. -_-

But besides all this Jerry Springer made an appearance & cleared the whole situation with Snookie from the "Jersey Shore", yea I never really believed it when I read that Jerry wanted to meet her & she refused claiming she's "classier than that" -_- Oh child please. You are NO better then those rednecks who fight on his show.

There also was a small fashion show for "Tweens" must say that the clothing line for them are really cute I forgot the line's name but I definitely think Miley's lil sister needs to leave it for the adults to come up with any type of clothing line for the young generation. After all they do have their best interest. And I'm not sure how many mommies are ready to buy lingerie for their 8 year old. But till then tootles. :) :)


you snooze you lose

I started my semester yesterday I couldn't believe I have a lecture hall for Abnormal psych.

There was already a 100 kids in there before class started & another handful that came in later.
to the point that all the seats were taken & those who were S.O.L. dipped :)
So I don't make plans cuz I rather go with the flow (sometimes)
Instead I set Goals. :) Just need to find a way to get noticed & pass the class

-Everyone loves a school girl Or is that just me? Tootles.