10 Things Every Woman Should have Engraved on Her Brain

So this topic is from an article I read in a magazine a while ago but I kept the page for reminders I guess & I'm willing to share with everyone, well the ladies :)

  • You Must vote.
  • Good Enough sex isn't Good Enough.
  • It's not a sin to win
  • You have much better friends than Ben & Jerry
  • You can't change a bad boy. Only he can change himself.
  • Your body is a Wonderland.
  • Do it now; deal with the fear later.
  • First rent, then shoes.
  • Yelling makes it harder for people to hear you.
  • Don't get even, get even better.


  1. These are fantastic!!! The Ben & Jerry's one really makes me laugh. Oh and I wish we could change those bad boys, but I love my husband, and he's a good boy! Sometimes what you don't think you want... is the one thing you wanted most!

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