Growing up I wanted to be a Painter.
I don't know what happened to that.

My family is so musically inclined & I mean instrumentally. In our younger days we use to drown ourselves in Beethoven's misery. I loved his dramatic exaggeration.

Abuelo: Guitar
Abuela: Piano
Aunt's: Violin, Piano, Clarinet
Twin: Trumpet, Piano, Clarinet
Me: Piano, Clarinet

But back to being a painter, recently I watched a movie called Vicky Cristina Barcelona. That movie reminded me of myself. Not so much as having three-somes with a man in Barcelona along with his psychotic ex-wife, but much like Cristina I knew so much of what I didn't want oppose to what I really wanted. We spend so much time creating some sort of checklist we forget to sit back and go with the flow.

Growing up I took many art classes.
I'm a better drawer then painter.

& still to this day I would take an art class. Although I'm in college now & the art classes were of art history instead of drawing I enjoyed every minute of it. My fave painters are Georges Seurat, Rembrandt, Titian.

Top: Drawing I done recently.

Left: So this drawing was never finished. I always date them & it showed August 3, 2003 a long time ago.

A long time ago
I was pushed to become an artist instead of a musician like the rest of my family.

What is your Talent?


  1. I loved that movie... it was so real and pure, I think even I felt a little like Cristina. I can't see your drawings so I'll have to use my laptop to see how wonderful they are!!!

    My talent is writing, the more and more I dive into the world of writing the more and more I learn about myself. I thought I'd be a romance writer but I am finding that the horror/thriller genre is taking a hold. I thank Imogen Heap for that, her music inspires me to think outside the box, dark and creative... that is what I've become.

  2. I really like thriller/horror as well especially crime. It's most likely why I chose to go to a Criminal Justice school. Hopefully you'll post some of your works to share. Thanks. :)

  3. the top drawing is hot you should go with drawing

  4. I love your drawings. I saw your top one and i Remember when I used to live in Dominican Republic I used to have these porcelain jokers/clowns and it look exactly like that. You me back brought some good lost memories with drawing.=)

  5. I never knew u lived in DR i been there twice & i loved it! & yea that top drawing is from this procelain doll lookin frame I have in my room lol

  6. lol YES i did.
    i LOVed it also.=)
    YOu should take a picture
    of the frame and post it upp..=)