Mommy Dearest.

So I have to admit my mom is NO fool. There's this "situation"my twin & I been dealing with & I know mom knows something is UP & she doesn't like for us to keep secrets. I felt like we should have told her to fill her in on all the madness going on because after all mother knows best. But it's not entirely my business to go ahead and pour it all out.

& so the story goes on:

I feel like she has this build in radar like she knew when I smoked or drink, waking up with stupid hangovers blaming it on illnesses (btw I don't do any of those anymore) & I feel like she knows so much more then she is willing to say. But as I'm getting older and damn near 20 I find myself opening up to her about everything without having to worry about her criticizing or judging me for that matter. & to my amazement she never has. I love her dearly & I'd hope to have some sense like her when I bear children.

The End.

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