"How You Doin?"

Yesterday some friends & I went to see Wendy Williams. I have to say I had so much fun! :) It was like a club at 9AM. Everyone was dancing & having a good time on her set.

It was so funny how this guy was struggling to comment on Wendy's "Hot Topics" he needed help :) "Where are the kids parents in all of this?" He was commenting on Miley Cyrus' lil sister who along with her co-star on some Disney show are coming out with a lingerie line for kids her age! *gasps* That family (to me) is so scandalous. -_-

But besides all this Jerry Springer made an appearance & cleared the whole situation with Snookie from the "Jersey Shore", yea I never really believed it when I read that Jerry wanted to meet her & she refused claiming she's "classier than that" -_- Oh child please. You are NO better then those rednecks who fight on his show.

There also was a small fashion show for "Tweens" must say that the clothing line for them are really cute I forgot the line's name but I definitely think Miley's lil sister needs to leave it for the adults to come up with any type of clothing line for the young generation. After all they do have their best interest. And I'm not sure how many mommies are ready to buy lingerie for their 8 year old. But till then tootles. :) :)


  1. sounds fun. i wanna go there some day. im still trying to go to the Rachael Ray show lol i love that lady lol

  2. yeah i was watching that ep. she had the same boots that wendy has from fredricks smdhh at her parents!