a Puking Delight.

I'm getting really Sick. I'm getting sick&tired of certain guys! These so-called "friends". So this is what "he's" doing (& there are several): They're getting mad. Simple no? NO. It's like they wake up mad at the world & insist on telling the world that they're mad!! It's driving me insane seriously. It's like another cry for HELP! Get it please. You need it. I'm currently taking Abnormal Psychology!! Don't you understand I'm like observing & analyzing every liddle thing? You're like my own experiment on moods. My EXAMPLE to the class. So here's my example of what one does: He'll constantly update his FB status (which is ridiculous) on how people piss him off or he's not in the mood, or how girls are this & that & if "you don't like me idgaf". wow. speechless. & I don't really care but cared enough to blog about you.you&you. So this is what you do, & it's simple really...you LIVE!! & dammit just stay positive that's all. I heart POSITIVE. :)

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