Mother Nature at its Best?

So early this morning Chile has been hit with a 8.8 magnitude earthquake. I'm only blogging about this because I'm half Chilean and half if not most of my family lives there. I don't know where they are and I'm hoping everyone's ok. This is the second biggest earthquake that struck Chile that is causing a global warning for a tsunami. It is said a quarter of the world can be affected by it.

The first biggest earthquake occurred in 1960 which lead to massive destruction & thousands of deaths that spread to the Philippines, Japan & Hawaii.

As I'm watching the Spanish news, news reporters are comparing past earthquakes to today's. Recent earthquakes around the world resulted in hundreds & thousands of deaths. Chile's earthquake killed from what we know now 140+ people. That's because their buildings were made to withstand such catastrophes & they experience less severe earthquakes more often.

All I can wish for is the best. I think the worst is yet to come but with so many things happening it sure is the beginning.

Mother Earth is uncontrollable.


  1. Hope your family is OK, also thank God for modern engineering so that the devastation from this earthquake won't be as widespread as the one in Haiti. It's terrifying and I'm glad I live in Chicago. We don't get natural disasters, it does get really effing cold though.

  2. What a scary situation..sending positive thoughts your family and loved ones are ok.

  3. omgg, i hope the samee..keep us updatedd.