It was good to know you

For so long I've blamed myself for everything that went wrong for letting it even go on for this long...

I'm in this stage of my life where I feel blank. I don't feel anything. & I'm not sure it's much of a good thing. Who knows how long it'll last.

So there's this guy who stole my heart & ran away with it. He took it & did exactly what I would do to his right about now. He destroyed it. I picked up a small piece & caged it in 20 ton steel with thick hammered nails so that it will never happen again.
Just waiting to recover.

Pain is Pleasure. Pleasure is Pain.

How can you hurt the person you say you love the most?


  1. yo man just let it go or shake it off
    it only lasts temporarily
    that emptiness is the one things saying that your human just like the rest of us
    we all get it
    i know i do.

  2. i noe exactly how u feel. these questions are always on my mind "how could u bare to see the person you love go threw all the struggles and tribulations that ur putting them threw?" "how do u even noe if it worth going threw all the pain and agony?" "if he really loves u would he even put u threw all that?" but pain = love. everybody goes threw problems. we just have to learn how to handle them i guess. i wish i could help u ;i cant even help myself. i hope u feel better hun.

  3. omg indy i felt like u just spoke The Truth right now!! I believe everything u said! Just have to see if this pain is worth it anymore. Thanx love.

  4. You are wise beyond your years my dear. I know women married twice with brilliant careers who never made the attempt to understand their own hearts. Give yourself credit for the questing.
    Warm regards,