I'm too much to attain too W I L D to tame

I wonder if I'll ever marry. & I mean be in a successful marriage without threats of a divorce. I'd say I'm an overall good girl. Forget what they say a woman can be every bad name in the book. I say there was a man who made her that way. Scorned. Who can blame her? My favorite number is 2.
  • Because two is better than one.
  • Because it takes two to Tango.
  • Because I look at both sides of a story.
  • & because it means 2 people together forever!!!!
It takes only 1 to fuck it all up! What a shame. tsk tsk. 2 2 2 hehehe Well I hope I find my Soulmate with out actually looking for him in this lifetime. Where are you & whats keeping you from me? :( Patience is the key *repeats 2 more times* :) Whoever he is will be able to handle me in anyway possible & want only ME! You don't know how much I would love that. To make you only mine & make me only yours. ily.

"You will do one of two things. You will admit to everything. Or he'll say he's not the same & you'll begin to wonder why you came"
I tell you The Fray gets to me all the time :) :)


  1. Finding that complimentary personality is a bitch and a half. One thing I've learned in the last couple years is that I can't look for someone like me. I'm too stubborn, I need someone who can compliment my own difficultness. It's impossible to have a relationship with two people as hard-headed as I am, so I need someone that I'm comfortable lightening up with.

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