Message in a Bottle

I was so upset my computer crashed so I've been unable to blog about anything! Its stressful because I lost so many years of memories, music, works etc. I've been drinking the pain away. Considering to buy a flask, a cute one to sip here and there or spike a drink or two.

Can't wait to have my belongings back to NORMAL again, to where it should be. You know having over a million photos & "crap" to the point it starts freezing up on you!

Oh, it snowed....surprisingly. These past couple of days, NO weeks have been so hard on me. I feel like I'm losing control of myself that I had a mental break down. The only thing that's keeping my spirits up IS.....something I can't announce yet :( But I will as soon as I get the green  light!

  • I'm just creating a twitter @danHeartland I'd love to follow bloggers so feel free to leave me your @ names.

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