Give me a beating heart please.

I want to infect you with my Love.
Inject you with this drug.
Can you feel it in your bloodstream?
Just breathe baby I know you can't get enough of me.

I asked for it & he got it. :)

Do you remember where this book is from? Carrie Bradshaw was reading it to Mr. Big in bed. 
(Sex & The City)
Did you know that this book was non-existent until the movie premiered. It was originally just a prop for the movie until it was in high demand. I'm happy they published it, I'm old school. I love everything about LOVE.
I love the book its relatively small so you can finish it in a day but I haven't because my eyes are something else -_- I can't seem to find my Sex & The City 2 movie and its driving me crazy :(  Its somewhere..... then nowhere.

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