You're a cat? Well I'm a Leopard

 Purrrrr for me
 He was mad that things didn't go his way.
still mad :]

Enjoyed a quick stroll by the seaport to handle some business that didn't go swell. Things happen what can I say. Unfortunately small mistakes can cause bigger problems but he'll get over it. [You Live & You Learn]

We then headed to midtown to enjoy a lunch at Olive Garden. It was our first time there & we thought instead of staying downtown eating the same ol' thing we might as well try something new. Well to us anywho. We had such a great time enjoying each others company. I love just being with him and sharing these small moments talking about the WORLD! There's never a dull moment with us. We are FAR from a typical couple but I'll explain myself in a separate post. xo

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