Rolling Stones over here

Received the new Rolling Stone mag in the mail the other day. The one with funny man Conan O'Brien on it. There's two articles I want to talk about. They're actually books that I want to get after reading the articles.

I'm not a huge fan but I do want to get his memoir Decoded out November 16. He chose an Andy Warhol print as his book cover. Lovely. Did you know there's a "million dollar multimedia scavenger hunt"? Fans can search reproduction of the book's pages somewhere all over the world. INTERESTING. Clues are posted online & founders of the pages are "eligible" to see him perform New Year's Eve with Coldplay. Overall his book sounds really interesing & I think I just might have to read it.

Life by K.R. is another memoir I will most def. get. He's just so raw and blunt unless you bring up M. Jagger then he keeps mum. Eat the Truth Raw. "We despised money, we despised cleanliness, we just wanted to be black motherfuckers..." Definitely a junkie's eye view of the world being that he's either hung-over or coked up. "This might be the only drug memoir ever written that features no redemptive clean up, no 12 steps, no regrets, no apologies."  A brilliant case of sex, drugs & rock n roll.


  1. i definitely want to check out the Richards memoir.. he's about as rock star as you can get

  2. Richards memoir?!?! I am definately getting it, so interesting, thank god there is Amazon.com.

    Many kisses,
    Froso from Style Nirvana