Closer to the Edge.

Do you practice in the mirror? Dance in your underwear? Talk to yourself?

I think I love Jared Leto more as a musician than an actor even though I was surprised when I found out he was the front man of 30 Seconds to Mars a couple a years ago. I feel like all his music speaks to me. Like  I want to scream & shout with him not to mention that he is just scrumptious. There's NO words to describe how much I'm really feeling this band right now.

Where is your God?

A total Chameleon! He's my kind of guy.
Current Faves:
  • Night of the Hunter
  • Hurricane
  • Closer to the Edge
  • Stranger in a strange Land
Cover your eyes if you want a surprise.
Cover your mouth if you want to shout.

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  1. Women in the blog-world really seem to be crushing on this guy lately!

    Maybe I should try a mohawk... hmmm.