Underneath my Skin

I'm a shrinking Violet in a world filled with hate, full of controversies & conspiracies.

I gave it 1000% you put in none. So don't tell me how to live my life.

I don't want to be saved I just want to be happy.

They say you'll die the same way you came into this world...ALONE.
Well that doesn't go for me because I came into this world with my twin so I plan on leaving with a BANG!

"I tell myself that you're no good for me
I wish you well but desire never leaves 
I could fight this till the end but maybe 
I don't wanna win"

He may be out of his mind
But some day you will find, that sanity has left us all blind
And dragged us all behind, a moment seen through those eyes
Crystal blue disguise, they say that all beauty must die
I say it just moves on

If you'd only open your mind, then some day you will find
Insanity left us behind, and walked right through the door
I can see the pictures clear as yesterday, pictures all my own
I can hear the voices begging you to stay, but know you're not alone. 



  1. Really cool post, that photo at the bottom is awesome.

  2. Death is such a spell binding thing. I wonder where I will be, perhaps a spirit wondering on earth spelling pizzas? LOVE the light bulb!

    Cycling in the clouds,