It has been a very bittersweet past couple of days. Yesterday was my fathers birthday I also had to rush my dog to the vet :( he wasn't himself all day. It was the first time I ever had to drag him out of bed just for a walk. So far he is showing improvement and I hope he keeps improving I hate to see him in pain and crying it breaks my heart. Really praying for the best. We had a small intimate get together for my dads birthday. We had a very yummy cake my little sister bought him. Wished I had taken a couple of pictures. It seems like no matter how much We try to have a normal and good day bad news seem to follow. Too many deaths and diagnosis it's been a rough couple of days. Well, I'm featured as well as a bunch of other people and celebrities on a site http://entreelifestyle.com check it out let me know if you spot me :) HINT: I'm in the center. It's a clothing line. My sister and I were asked to do a photoshoot for their line which we weren't able to make so we had taken the pictures on our own time. They're really soft and cute sweatshirts check it out. xoxo

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