Such beautiful days it has been lately. Had to take pictures meanwhile the leaves were still falling. Tried a new flavor of tea "Island Mango & Peach". The tea bag is shaped like a pyramid and it actually glistens in the light. Didn't capture it in the photo though.

Yesterday was THANKSGIVING. Hope everyone had a wonderful one I know I did! Ate so much food I definitely gained some weight that I need to work off now. Made sweet potato pie which was really yummy. My lil sister baked so much goodies. Dad bought 2 BIG BOTTLES of MOSCATO. My favorite drink. He knows me so well. I didn't do the early morning Black Friday shopping I was way too tired for that so I waited till after work and dragged my boyfriend with me so he can hold my stuff and wait in line meanwhile I run around like a madman. I bought plenty of gifts that were GOOD deals ONLY. Pretty content with what i bought and the day overall.


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