So for a long time I been wanting a Silencer on my finger. Idk I had my reasons for wanting it & I still do.
"Itchy trigger Fingers"
I just feel like the word "Shh.." was such a typical tat so why not put a silencer? it's the same thang only the real deal will shut yo ashh up! (; But my mind runs at 70mph with the Pros&Cons. when it came down to getting one done I decided to get something "artsy" something no one will be able too see cuz I put it in an undisclosed place.
& I think that's how I want most of my tats to be: Unseen & in the most randomness of places.
Already have ideas for future ones. Cuz you know what they say: "Once you start you can't stop" smh-TRUE.
& that goes for piercings as well. I'm not big on them but I know that for the few who know what I've got know I did it when I was in this rebellious streak. There's no stopping me when I know what I want: I know where to draw the line, I just haven't crossed it yet.


  1. i want to get a tat on my finger but im undecided also and everyone and their gma has sshhh so i really dont kno but they are addicting i got one on my foot thats the only place i dont recommend

  2. Oh goodneshh it sounds like it hurts to get it done there. I'm dying for another but I have to wait -_-

  3. yes it was a painful 20 mins imma post a blog on it. never again i was screaming and trying not to move and squeezing mikes hands as if i was giving birth lol

  4. omggg that sounds insane!! plzz do post about it Id like to read it & put pics! I wana see!! ur scaring meh! lol

  5. yeahh we didnt take pics when i was getting it cuz i woulda attackd the cam kanye style lol