Be careful now..

I met a new friend & he's nice when he wants to be :)
But now, I hear a lot of crap.
His own friend is talking all this crap
About him. Saying he's this & that.
She says he's "just jealous" not because of me or anything of that sort.
It's just weird & to be honest, I don't think we'll be more than just friends.
Unfortunately I come with a lot of baggage :(
& if I feel like they can't survive with me then why bother?
He has some baggage himself.
It's not like I was looking to make him mine or make me his.
I just want to have fun!
so in the meantime we'll just do what friends do.


  1. Sweetie, we are young and beautiful.
    Let's have fun without hurting each other.
    But, be careful.


  2. There's nothing wrong with wanting to have fun,but like the title says, be careful.