I like you.

I'm really approachable & I sometimes hate it because then I'm bothered a lot & when I'm bothered I get annoyed. Since I know a lot more of what I don't like I thought I'd do some Soul searching & write what I do like, what makes me happy & what makes me, ME I guess.

  • long walks. 
  • all types of delicious food.
  • Positive people.
  • nature. Can't u tell? :) 
  • to read.
  • clothes but I still think we should be roaming the earth naked :]
  • men in black ;)
  • tattoos
  • romancing
  • You. You & You!
Simple. Not shallow or picky. I'm not that hard to figure out but I can promise you I'm something much more than you're use to just a little more than what you can already handle but no too difficult to understand I'm just always misunderstood.

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