Welcome Queen Victoria!

I'm happy to announce that we have welcomed a new addition to the family! 
It's a GIRL!
The sex of the baby hasn't been known throughout the pregnancy my aunt (the same aunt who said she was NEVER going to have kids look at her now) wanted it to be a surprise!
& it wasn't a surprise :) only because there are rarely any boys in the family.
I have a little less than a few uncles & have like 0 boy cousins! 
It would be a miracle for a boy but until then I'm so happy she's here,
she's the cutest baby in TOWN! 
She is half Peruvian and Dominican.
My liddle Panda bear! 
She's only a couple of weeks and she's already smiling!
She amazes me each time.
I love her dearly.


  1. She is too cute.


  2. congrats on the new addition;
    she's a beauty=)