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 This survey was taken from http://lovenovelty.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html a must read!

10 Things you desire 
1. A Real Gentleman.
2. A college degree

3. A Miracle.
4. live in the city.
6. Meet my idol Lorena Bobbit
7.have beautiful children
8. being successful after a degree

9. saving the world.
10. a fairy tale ending.

9.Musicians/bands you love:
1.The Fray
2.Lady Antebellum
3.Lady gaga

4.The Foo Fighters
5.Robin Thicke
6. Metallica

7.Black Eyed Peas
8.Cold Play
9.The Veronicas

8 Places you want to go:
1.Egypt to see the pyramids
2. India to experience culture shock
3. The Amazon to live completed isolated from civilization.

4.Dubai as a hot spot
5.Morocco for the fashion

6.Paris for love
7.Japan to see the future
8. Spain, to live after my retirement

7 Things you enjoy: 
1.Jamba Juice!!
2.all types of delicious foods.
3. Art
4.Shopping's cool

5.Traveling to different countries
6. Reading
7. listening to music.

6 Things that will always win your heart:
 1.Be simple, it truly is the simple things.
2.if it comes from your heart
3.making a spontaneous move.
4.a man who can cook food.
5.buying me a masterpiece from one of my favorite artist of all times!

5 Favourites: 
1.Movie: The Notebook, it gets me every time.
I like any song that has a beautiful meaning to it
3.Book: There's Plenty of faves
4.Band: The Fray
5.Colour: Black & Purple

4 Smells you enjoy:
 1. flowers
2. Shea Butter Creme
3. Nina Ricci "Nina"

4. Ralph Lauren scents

3 Things you do Everyday: 
1.wake up
2. Day Dream
3.go to sleep. :)

2 Animals you love:

1 Person you’d marry on the spot:
A man who proved to me that not all men are the same. Until then No One. 

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  1. I like your answers.