These posts are for those into Art as you can see I went to a different Art gallery where the artists do their work there in their own offices. Very unique.
Enjoyed a dinner and yummy milkshake for Our Last Supper. It started pouring like crazy and our table was outdoors as always at our favorite Cubano spot. It was a tropical Storm we had to run back to our Hotel.
And last but not least (trust me there's a thousand more pictures we took that I won't bother to post) Me in my outfit to the airport, Oh how I dreaded coming back home I didn't want to leave. :(

AND NOW BACK TO REALITY: I had a wonderful weekend with the family & today June 28, 2011 my babeh sis graduates High School with Honors and unfortunately I won't be attending because of work. But I'm there for the celebrations! I'm so proud of her!
That's her on the left with my twin. This is a picture from her Prom which was also her birthday!
Tomorrow is mommy's birthday I'll save that for another post! Told you June is such a busy month for me. Wouldn't trade it for the world !! Have a wonderful day!

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