Closet Rebel

I will be turning 21 on Monday! So excited! I'm jetting off to Miami to spend the week there! I deserve this much needed vacation. Been loving the heat we've been having I was MADE FOR THIS. June is such a busy month for me between so many birthdays and graduations but I love it.

Love and other STUFF....
Wished my life was always peachy and sweet but there always seems to be a rotten fruit lying around. People will always tell you how they feel about your relationship and give you advice. I know they're giving me their insight but its My Life, My Problems, My Decisions. If anything ever happens whether it fails or prosper, knowing that I did what I thought would benefit or satisfy myself is what matters.

Moving Along....
 Today is my favorite rapper of ALL time's Birthday. Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur. I know that if he was still alive he would've still been making REAL music. Non of that commercial shit. Now all of a sudden a man name Dexter Isaac wants to confess to robbing and shooting 2Pac in '94. He will be crucified for the rest of his life. I just hope they solve his murder. <3

My favorite song from him. R.I.P.

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