Electrifying Spark.

There was no time for us to get to know one another. We kind of rushed it. Saw each other talked a little looked for a CD he wanted in a store that's no longer there. I remember just looking. Staring like a creep. There was something about him. Baby-faced, short & dark. Thought he was my age. Rushing into it I later found out he's four years older & his birthday was in a couple of weeks. I was sixteen. A cold November day. He saw me hugging myself, opened his jacket with open arms inviting me in for an embrace. I didn't know his past, what he was going to do in life or how we would end. I'm kind of glad. That didn't matter, it was like taking your first breath -new.

We didn't know if we'd be compatible or have any similarities or interests. We just jumped into it because we had our whole relationship to get to know each other.

I still don't know his favorite color. I definitely asked him on numerous occasions & I believe he said "blue" but I would've guessed red or green since he's always wearing those colors. But it doesn't matter to me. None of the typical shit a "Normal" relationship ( is there such thing as "Normal"?) starts off as like knowing the little things like favorite colors & music matter to me. We have our whole lives to get to know each other. What matters is that we still have that spark. As long as the "fire is still burning" then there are no worries.

We play video games together. He plays music for me. I'll read to him. Enjoy each others company. We don't go out the way to buy stuff or walk a thousand miles to prove our love. Because if you do stuff like that then all your partner will ever want is THAT. And when you stop doing that they'll question you, "Why have you stopped.......?" He does his own thing & I do me but we still have each other no matter what. Don't get me wrong I want to burn the bridge so it can just be me & him. No one else. No interruptions. No problems. But he's a social butterfly while I'm more reserved & I'm ok with that...sometimes...

If I ever think our fire is burning out I'll start to think what can we do to keep the electric spark from dying out? And he'll never say that its dying out he'll say "everything's fine, we're great together." "You think too much, stop thinking." He's right I DO think a lot. But I will never ever stop thinking. My mind is polluted with every emotion. Every thought. A feeling. It's who I AM.

I have to admit, I think our relationship is pretty RARE. For two people who met by a brief introduction then jumping into a relationship & lasting this long...is pretty rare. This doesn't happen. THIS means a lot to me. THIS is what matters.

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